Can the human mind create concepts or do concepts exist independently from human consciousness?







  1. You are in essence asking the distinction between Socratic Truth and Plato’s Ideals.
    Plato held that the reason we can recognize any chair for what it is because there is an Ideal of the Chair, a real existential thing, and all chairs are shadows of the One True Chair.
    Socrates felt we came to know things simply by experience and thought. The ‘concept’ as it were, was the usually truthful generalization from multiple experiences. A chair, then, is a chair because it meets the criteria established by our experiences. If in our experience, we never saw a chair that wasn’t red, we might be confused by this blue object that otherwise looks and functions like a chair.
    Psychology has shown that Socrates was more right than Plato on this one, though Plato’s ideas are still useful in certain archetypal analyses.

  2. things exist independant of our conciousness, but we understand and create the concepts from the way we perceive those things…the concept of a indepedant real concept or objec is subjective…hence my reality and your reality.
    Next question:
    What are the problems with knowledge and the limitations of understanding?

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