Can the earth run out of its own energy and collapse before Sun runs out of fuel?

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We still don’t know exactly what goes inside earth. Maybe earth’s lifetime is much smaller than Sun’s?

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What?!?! I’m sorry what?!?!?! The earth doesn’t use a fusion/fission reaction to fuel itself. It is just a big solid and liquid mass that absorbs some of the heat from the sun. The sun still has about 5 billion years to live. The earth however won’t collape because of a couple of reasons. One is that it doesn’t use its core as a fuel source like stars do. The other is the center is solid so I don’t see it as collapsing in on itself. Third, it isn’t that big so the gravity from its core isn’t strong enough to pull atoms together like stars about 1.6 times bigger than our sun. Now why the heck do you think the earth will collapse?

Peter K

The earth is already collapsed and is quite cool the interior being made of molten iron at only a few thousand degrees. The sun is made of gas at several million degrees and will eventually collapse. Most of the energy used on earth come from the sun. Whether captured by ancient plants and turned into fossil fuels or more recently by trees and plants.
Energy from inside the earth is only used in a very few geothermal power plants.

Alan H

Ummmmmmm….no. The earth is not a gas giant continually buring fuel. The earth is a solid mass that is still in the cooling phase. As the earth continues to cool, the molten solids inside it will continue to gell into rock. So, the collapse of the earth is not possible.
Hint: google “what is the earth made of”


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