Home Discussion Forum Can the body be used as a tool to expand consciousness?

Can the body be used as a tool to expand consciousness?

And if so would ecstasy or sacrifice work best?


  1. You expand your consciousness, increase your awareness, know more, by paying attention to what your body can do, how it does it, for what ends, and the like. In these ways it can expand your consciousness.
    Sacrifice and ecstasy both work depending how much knowledge you gain from doing them.

  2. No, our body is just an “animal” we cannot expand consciousness through it, whatever we do.
    Our main substance we have to work with is our general desire.
    By expanding our desire, and by changing perception from “perceiving/sensing only for myself” to “perceiving/sensing for others” we can exit our little selfish black box, and enter the total reality, where our perception and consciousness becomes limitless.
    I hope you find this helpful, all the best.

  3. Through relationship we are challenged to be ourselves. No more hiding.
    So, yes. We are inside these bodies for a reason…to experience being a soul in a body, and therefore to expand consciousness by bringing in our connection with spirit through the earth plane.


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