can telepathy be hearing simple things too?





instead of hearing or seeing a very specific thing or phrase, could telepathy be feeling a need, or desire, of animals, or people? could it be feeling the need or thought that an animal needs water, or that a person needs comfort? could it be simple feelings rather than specific thoughts?
i am not questioning if it is real or not, but if it is, could it be defined as such? oh, and if i offend anyone, i will apologize now, so, no offense to anyone who will take it as such. thanks for the answers! and, everyone have a wonderful day!
these answers helped me alot, and i really dont know who to give the 10 pts. to. even if you dont get it, i thank you for all the stuff you said about it. i will probably pick the one with the most info on it, but all the sites were helpful too.


  1. to be honest, it’s possible, everything you could imagine, feel or hear can be transfer to somebody mind.
    The thing is you can send but there’s no way to unblock the message that sending to us !!! like Email or something like this.
    more questions can be ask at
    i’m in Thailand, and hate these things, don’t think that it’s good to be able to telepathy ! never !

  2. I don’t think it’s important what you call it, but it is important to recognize it when it’s happening.
    In technical terms, telepathy involves the transfer of thoughts, feelings, images, or ideas without any obvious physical means. There are specific types of telepathy including empathic communication and animal communication, but these are just types of telepathy. Yes, getting non-specific feelings, desires, or impressions is a form of telepathy. It doesn’t have to be clear and specific to be called telepathy.
    Regardless of what you call it, if you are experiencing these things, don’t get hung up on the terminology. You’re the only one who can determine what is really happening. Explore your experiences and allow them to lead you. Don’t put yourself in a box by calling yourself a “telepath” or and “empath” or a “clairvoyant” etc. Just be what you are. Good luck!

  3. This is a really good question. There are some good answers..but I don’t know if I agree with them. I think it IS a form of telepathy…without words. Before language came into being…I imagine these “feelings” were all that anyone had to go by. Unless telepathic means ONLY hearing words. I would think that telepathy could also pick up sounds (groans etc.)…so why not feelings? I’m probably wrong..this is just what makes sense to me.
    Edit..I’ve decided that empathy is telepathic. That’s my take on it anyway. ( You’ve heard of “Confusius say” ? Well ..this is “Deenie say”! ) lol (kidding)

  4. It is true. Unless you disbelieve in it so strongly that you block it out.
    After my son died six years ago at the age of 21. One of my first visits to his grave site after being buried, I heard something in my head which I felt came from my son. He said to me “don’t let him destroy you” It was a thought. Not attatched to a voice or a person, Just a thought that ran through my head.
    He was referring to hjis dad, my X husband.
    And he is very toxic in my life even if we live each on one coast to the other coast

  5. anything is possible with telepathy, the communications of the mind. I am told that I have a way with animals, both wild and domestic, and I have gone out into the woods of Montana, during the summer months, sat perfectly still for about two hours in a small clearing and then saw several deer watching e from a distance, I kept saying to myself: “self, you are a good person and a true lover of all animals, you are peaceful and caring and when I opened up my eyes, three of the deer that had been watching me from a short distance were now standing about ten feet away from me, and they didn’t act afraid of me in the least. They remained in their position for a few minutes, then csually walked away. So myabe I do have this gift of mental telepathy with animals.
    I do believe this exists and I also believe that one person can feel what another person is thinking or needing and we are capable to picking up on these brain waves from others.
    They say that people only use one tenth of their brains, and we all know what the human brain is capable of achieving, so why isn’t it also possible that somewhere in the other 90% of the human brain is the ability to detect and ‘hear’ what others are thinking or needing, think about this, it just boggles the mind!

  6. Yes exactly, telepathy comes from tuning into the same thought frequency and as thoughts are energy the information is just that “energy” which will be interpreted in a way that you will understand. Sometimes you will feel it (clairsentience), see it (clairvoyance), hear it (clairaudience) or just a knowing(claircognizance).
    We are all connected on a quantum level and these Subtle Energy connections is where we find the answers to puzzles such as telepathy.

  7. This all falls under a category of phenomena called “clairvoyance”. This includes telepathy, but also what you’re describing, which is usually called “empathic ability”. Empaths are generally considered latent or very weak telepaths. However, please note that nobody’s ever proved that any of this even exists. It’s just convenient labels at this point to describe what’s happening with you.
    In parapsychology, there is also a tendency toward acceptance of a concept called “sychronicity” which is gaining acceptance in the quantum mechanics world, too.
    John Walker (the founder of Autodesk, which produces engineering design software) also has a very interesting idea about this, as well. Link below. Enjoy!

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