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I am an INFP personality and according to the Myers-Briggs profile, my personality type is most likely to experience telepathy. I am interested in experiencing this, and wonder if I already have some kinds of intuition that I haven’t tuned into. When I was younger, I would sometimes know for a fact that I was going to run into a certain person at a certain place, but it doesn’t happen as much anymore. More recently, I have had recurring dreams about people from my past, but usually they are people who had some influence on me, so it may just be that they are purely symbolic in my dreams. I don’t want to be a psychic or get into a whole lot of new age stuff, I am just curious to know if you think this can be acquired by exercising a part of my psyche, and if I may be predisposed to experience this. I want to hear from people who know about this or have experienced it themselves… other opinions appreciated though.
– I have never “hung around” or known anyone claiming to experience telepathy
– I do not claim to have experienced telepathy myself, I just wonder if one can be prone to.
– Have you ever taken a Myers Briggs personality test? I do not have my results with me right now, but I will edit this post later today and scan that part of the profile. The point was not that the Myers Briggs test claims it exists, but that people with my personality type are spiritually self-aware because of intuition.
– I think it will interest a few of you to know I am a Christian, I just believe that God made our brains very complex and that they are capable of this phenomena.
– Don’t be so closed minded. If you don’t believe in telepathy, there’s no point in answering my question unless you would like to make a valid argument for why you do not. Don’t just make a blank ignorant statement. If you can make a valid point, I am all ears! Really! I am not sold on it either, I am just not ruling it out.


  1. Buddhist teachings have many practical explanations of your experiences and interests.
    Everyone has telepathy to an extent. We pick up vibes, read into people’s state of mind and intentions by observing their eyes and body language, or have experiences such as precognition of things that are about to happen, or even situations where our connection with someone is particularly more harmonious in subtle ways so that we can actually communicate telepathically. They call it “shining” in the movie The Shining.
    The clairvoyance of knowing others minds and the ability to communicate from mind to mind is a side-effect of Buddhist training. It is a side-effect of achieving high levels of concentration. it is not necessarily a goal Buddhists strive to attain except for the purpose of being able to benefit others better, or communicate with higher beings. That said, telepathy is definitely a skill that can be trained in.
    Various schools of magic/occult such as rune magic, chaos magic, or enochian magic all have special methods for developing the skill. The main training has to do with gaining control of the astral double. The more proficient we are at leaving the body and navigating subtle realms, the more proficient we will be in communicating without speaking from the mouth or using ordinary methods like writing.
    I have had many experiences, and I’ll give one that illustrates how it can happen from chemically induced trance even though some will pass it off as a false drug experience. When I was 16 (33 now), I took lsd with some friends. We were listening to industrial sound music. I was in one room, and the other 2 were upstairs. As I crawled into the soundscape, I heard their voices in the music. The sounds themselves were making up the words saying ‘come up stairs’. I could see the stairs and my friends weren’t there, so I immediately ran upstairs and found my friends sitting calmly looking at me with a smile. I asked them in my mind of they called me with their mind in the music, and they said out loud, ‘yes’.
    There are many other experiences like this while not under the influence of drugs. For instance, I undertook a telepathy experiment with some colleagues in Australia. I lived in Seattle. We would call each other on the phone to syncronize our practice. We built an astral temple to meet in, and we would meet their astrally and conduct various experiments to test our telepathy. Needless to say, it was alot of fun, and the experiments proved effective.
    It really doesn’t matter what skeptics think. As long as they remain skeptical, for that long will they remain blocked from the magic and realization experienced by many.

  2. I have AS (look it up), and tend to be a complete social failure.
    That’s why I open my mind to such things as spiritual connections and stuff like that. I’m pretty sure we are all able to learn how to communicate on a telepathic level.
    I get this from the fact that I have managed in the past to occasionally have premonitions, and also have been able to ‘connect’ spiritually to others, and pick up on general emotions and moods, even from across the oceans. I have never actually accessed another’s thoughts, though.
    Because of the fact that none of it was intentional, I deduce that it cannot be controlled without guidance and also a certain level of practice. I believe it also takes meditation to clear one’s own thoughts, as it subsided since I last meditated.
    May peace be with you

  3. I have extensive experience with this. Ever since I was a child I have had a telepathic link to someone I am very emotionally close to. Emotional links are strong conductors of telepathic energy, look to the mother-child bond as one exampe. Also when I worked with non-verbal patients as an activity therapist (autistics, in comas, etc) we communicated telepathically. It can be in the form of projecting images from mind to mind, feelings from mind to mind, even messages. It all comes down to energy. We transmit energy from mind to mind all the time. We are just are not aware of it. Some of us are aware or can become aware of it. In some highly spiritual places (like certain villages in India, etc), its actually a common form of communication.
    We are energy, we project energy back and forth all the time.
    Many highly trained scientists believe that humans communicated this way before the use of language and before we lost our connection to nature. Look to nature (animals) to find some examples of what is called “telepathy.” The terms get loaded with fantasy garbage so people dismiss them without looking at the reality behind them.
    The brain comes equipped this way, but like a muscle not exercised anymore, it has faded out.

  4. Myers-Briggs would never have survived as a personaility-assessment tool if they had made ANY claim supporting the existence of an imaginary phenomenon, LOL!
    Telepathy is bogus nonsense…there is no such thing!

  5. If you hang around with people claiming to have ‘telepathy’, then you might acquire the knowledge that it’s a pretty lucrative scam.
    Past that, no.

  6. brainwave synchronization is a possible tangible reason.
    to truly relax and be receptive only, is your best bet. trying to think or force it is your enemy.
    which is why it probably is easier as a kid. so care-free!

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