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Can Tarot Cards be passed down to the next generation?

my mom has a deck that she keeps in her night stand and she has had them for about 31 years… do you think, since she doesnt use them anymore, that they can be passed on to the next generation?


  1. How do you think she got her’s? Must have bought them somewhere. I think using her’s would be more meaningful that buying new ones.

  2. Well, I doubt there are any magical spells or curses attached to a deck of cards changing hands. However, you might see if drawing cards multiple times gives you anything other than random results.

  3. Really you should never buy divination items, they should always be a gift. A witch told me that eons ago, I assume it has some truth to it.

  4. Sure. Just keep in mind that you will be picking up a lot of your mothers energy as well as the energy from the deck. the best working relationship comes from a deck you’ve chosen for yourself.

  5. Tarot cards should never be bought, they should always be given as a gift. If your mother gives you the deck, it’s entirely appropriate, and may well have all kinds of positive juju (if nothing else, the deck instantly becomes a family heirloom to be passed to your daughter).
    As a side note, you should always keep your tarot wrapped in silk, don’t ask me why. I keep mine wrapped in one of my grand-dad’s old tatty silk scarves.

  6. I think it would be a terrific heirloom for you to have your mother’s cards, especially if you are close to her. This way her energy is there to aid yours. Its a good way to remember and honor your connection to her every time you use them.

  7. Yeah, they can. But you’d have to make sure she’s into it. Biggest thing is, is if the cards will work well for whomever they are given to. BUt I’d say that they could be passed down, much like anything else.

  8. Sure the benfits or down side to these types of things is in the Mind. Not slamming this, i read tarot myself. But its the mind that cause effects. So if you say well the energy put in them will be a problem, then guess what it will be


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