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Can taking drugs really help to expand one's consciousness and therefore lead to better understanding?

My experience has been one of enlightenment and it has helped bring great pleasure and fulfillment to my life. Some people won’t like this, but it is my life, I have no criminal history, and I own my house which was paid for by money from my employment. I have done HVAC work and gone to school for the last 26 years. I take at least one class per semester.


  1. I have mixed feelings—but many ideas, inventions, and theories have been created with the help of drugs—ie–
    the dna double-helix model from Crick

  2. LSD, used in moderation, in controlled circumstances, can lead to better understanding. So can meditation. One is external, the other internal. One is easy, the other takes time. I can’t prove one way is better than the other, or that either gives a more valid understanding. I can only say that LSD has potential side effects that can occur long after it was taken. One almost never has a meditation flash back.
    If drugs have helped you, that’s great. But, don’t over do – and don’t get caught.

  3. Use more potent drugs…..lose your job and family and start stealing to support your habit, and when you wake up in a cardboard box, jail cell , or hospital room ask yourself the question.
    If you can’t deal with life straight you will never deal with it stoned.
    Get help and find religion before you die young or make more stupid choices.
    I have lost 2 friends and two relatives to drug overdoses…and it’s no fun to watch.

  4. NO.
    you will die. Drugs are just bad, man. I am going to tell you straight, they actually kill your brain cells so your conciousness is contracting, not expanding. If you think that you’re obviously high…


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