Can Succubi get pregnant? I need help with a Roleplaying situation.?






I have a character that is a succubus, and I was wondering if Succubi can be pregnant.
*The RP is in World of Warcraft*


  1. The succubus/incubus is a shapeshifter between sexes. In both sexes they are sterile. they collect eggs and sperm and then incubate and feed the fetus with their blood. This is the way there id continuation of the species.

  2. They are demons and something that has never be alive will find it almost impossible to have children…………..

  3. A Succubus is a female demon that draws energy and power from sex, I seriously doubt that they could be impregnated by a human.

  4. No although there is the belief that they collect sperm from their victims and their conterpart the incubus uses it to impregnate women.

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