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Can subconscious mind heal teeth?

I read in a book called The power of subconscious mind by joseph murphy that mind can heal physical ailments.Is it true? Has anyone tried it?


  1. Your teeth can’t heal period. Once they wear down, rot out, etc, they are gone for good. That’s why dental hygiene is so important.
    As for the subconscious healing other ailments, it’s not impossible. I’ve seen evidence of such a thing. I know a guy who severed his spine on an ATV and was told he would never be able to walk again, but he walks with a cane now. Scientifically, anything is possible.

  2. It is not true – not a single word of it. I’ve interviewed scores of people who’ve tried it, and every last one admits those books are a waste of money, including Murphy’s. The guy is a charlatan, a liar, a crook and should be in prison at hard labor.

  3. I use it but not to a critical extend. Whenever I’m in situation for let say teeth problem, I would relax and keep saying to myself that the teeth will heal. long to explain. but medical treatment is needed. i mean you can’t kill virus with your subconscious.
    it all comes from the subconscious mind

  4. Well, teeth can’t heal since the enamel isn’t living tissue. Most physical ailments tend to heal anyway, regardless of what your subconscious does. Sure, if you’re positive and upbeat, you’re more likely to beat big diseases like leukemia, and if you have a good attitude it will take you longer to starve to death, but in your case, pay a visit to the dentist and save yourself some time.

  5. What are called “microcavities” ( http://www.safedentistry.co.uk/micro-dentistry.html ) are also believed by some dentists to heal naturally ( http://mizar5.com/heal.htm ). The general keys to prevention of caries include Edgar Cayce’s 50% Morton’s Litesalt, 50% baking soda toothpowder (you make it yourself by mixing the two ingredients), which alkalizes the oral region; this has been shown by dental research to retard the acid-producing bacteria; the promotion of saliva-maintaining practices such as breathing through the nose and not the mouth; rinsing after meals, flossing, gum stimulation and care, the occasional use of plain Ivory soap on a toothbrush, which removes decay-producing film much more effectively than toothpaste, which often has sugar and artificial additives; and the use of a good ultrasound toothbrush.
    So, while subconscious mind does have many great healing properties (see the well-known placebo and nocebo effects), you might do well to read a book such as “Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer,” by von Fettweis, and “The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet, for more insight into mind’s ability to heal.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  6. I had a friend that was very positive minded and in later life told me she was
    spending a lot of time at the dentists because her third set of teeth were
    coming in.
    Other positive minded friends were calling her crazy. I don’t know what the
    outcome was. I didn’t see her again for several years and forgot to ask.
    Even Christian Scientists use the dentist and optometrist.


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