Can spiritual wisdom be used in a crisis situation? What should I do if a tiger is chewing my leg off?

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a. pray
b. meditate
c. wish peace upon the tiger
d. turn the other cheek
e. remind the tiger and myself that this is all an illusion
f. remember my oneness with the tiger
g. think positive, loving thoughts
h. examine my limiting beliefs
i. enjoy the moment
j. chew the tiger’s leg off
k. other (explain please)
(this is kind of urgent, if you know what I mean)
Coyoteman: you know me like the back of your paw.

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Wisdom would be reflected by one’s ability to avoid this situation altogether.


K. Next time you play with tigers make sure they are well fed first


Just pray, it’ll grow right back.


teach the tiger to say grace

Miley M

I think that firstly you should have used spiritual wisdom before placing yourself at risk of having a tiger chew your leg off. At that point you do not have many options. I recommend two things; pray whilst fighting for your life.

Cee T

Pray he’ll have a heart attack

thinkin' out loud

In answer to your main question:
Shoot the tiger.
Stab the tiger.
Anger the tiger until it bites your neck in half…
That’s about your best hope.
I think everybody above me had a better answer.
Good question!


K. Kick the tiger in the gonads and run like a tiger is chasing you.
Spiritual wisdom is also practical wisdom you know.

Kelly C

k.) Always carry catnip! that way you can get the tiger high and he will forget about your leg! You see tigers are spiritual too and they use catnip in their religious ceremonies!


Write a poem about it, after you have woken up.

Sweet and Spicey

Poke him in the eyes and Bite Back


kill the tiger. or if u want let yourself die!


L. Stab the hell out of the tiger. Make sure you use a sharp swiss army knife.


You don’t go into the tigers lair in the first place!

Mount Zion

1.Scream in pain. 2.pull the 44 mag. out of your pocket. 3.Aim at the tiger. 4.Pull the trigger. 5.yell for help. 6.Have a cold one (or20). OR– You simply could wake up.

Victoria Sparda +Pagan mother+

Find the nearest rock or sharp object and knock the living daylights out of the tiger!

Blame Amy

Well first of all very good typing under such duress. Second how did the tiger get into your apartment? And lastly I think you are having an acid trip.


Ask god to forgive that tiger and don’t torture it for eternity. Then, after you died you go to heaven and have life for eternity. So nice!
Imagined dying is a wonderful thing.


Daniel 6:19Then the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste to the den of lions. 20And when he came to the den, he cried out with a lamenting voice to Daniel. The king spoke, saying to Daniel, “Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to deliver you from the lions?”
21Then Daniel said to the king, “O king, live forever! 22My God sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouths, so that they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent before Him; and also, O king, I have done no wrong before you.”

Mother anne

J. Chew the tiger’s leg off definatly, poke his eyes, kick him in the JAW (not head) or NECK with your good foot.
It is all nice to pray,meditate,turn the other cheak, but these things should be done AFTER you DEFEND yourself. We are ALL entitled to defend our lives. The tiger is only being a tiger, but it is also not in human nature to just lay there and let it happen. We are survivors, kill that FKER. Apologize after.

Jesus rocks

Well you might quickly read the book of Daniel. Lions can’t be too different than tigers right ?


L. pray for the Lord Jesus to forgive you of your sins. Then realize that the tiger is not just after your leg….and except your fate. At least you will be saved.

Laura J

You are funny, you should see Will Farrel’s web site “Funny or Die.”
Thanks for this, we could all use a laugh!


K. give your heart to God because your leg belongs to the (sorry I couldn’t resist)

Desert Lotus

Eeny meenie miny mo, catch a tiger by it’s toe, if he hollers let it go, eeny meanie miny mo! Turns out to be e.) Hopeful the tiger will be understanding of this. If not bop it in the head and remind the tiger it should of had a V-8.


I’m borrowing from “Thinkin Out Loud”….’Anger the tiger until he bites your neck off’ and enjoy the moment! …Well that’s what I would do!!


To begin with, your spiritual wisdom would have ensured your distance from the tiger and therefore safety! If your spiritual accomplishment is total and complete, genuine, then the tiger will sit at your feet, and will not chew the leg! The tiger will have a few moments of silent communication with you, will become your disciple, and will follow you everywhere!


I often wonder…..why are there other Pussy Cats in the Jungle?
Remember…that which you pay attention to…will become manifest in your current reality.
Edit: Choose Love in every circumstance.


#1 It’s time to shift into that inner dimension, the one that your body came out of. We don’t come into life, we come out of it, over and over again.
#2 Tell them they made a mistake you are not a Christian.
#3 It’s time for a “Mikes Hard Lemonade”.
#4 Tell your sweetheart your sorry, and you’ll never do it again, *and mean it*.
EDIT: We grew up together. : )


In the chaos…….
..all of the above.


LOL!. I think you should have used your spiritual wisdom before your got there, it’s a little late to beg after you have trashed your cage!
Thanks & Blessings!


“First thought,
best thought.”

Mogollon Dude

Suffer the pains and sorrows knowing you have fed the hungry of this world.


K. Scream, loudly!

social order

Let the tiger finish chewing off your leg.
Then the spiritual wisdom that’s within will
kick in and after you apply a ”much needed
tourniquet to your missing leg,” get the ####
out of Harms Way!….

Chasing The Dragonâ„¢

well, if you’re really good at it, i guess E, G, or I could work
but for the other six billion of us out there a nice tender, juicy t-bone steak might be the best option


When such situations arise then mind (for options) will stop working; and instinctive reaction for existence come into play. First and foremost thing is to have your and save ones existence.
If you meditate, you will find each human being (at subtle level) have following five basic objectives –
1. To exist forever
2. To know and expand more
3. To be in bliss
4. To be free
5. To rule and own


The tiger is being a tiger.
What did you expect?
Accept the inevitable.
Karma knows best!
So, a piece of your body is missing, you’ll still be able to come back and ask another question.


k.) “Spiritual wisdom” would be to kick and scream like crazy and, if you can, drag yourself out of there asap! What else?=)
*They don’t make good pets!

angela w

K) As you are trying to fight for your life, still send the tiger Love and know that it isnt really the tiger that is attacking you; it’s his ego.


If one is overflowing with Spiritual Wisdom a tiger will bow down in reverence and homage at the feet, when in the presence of such a one.
If one is not yet filled with Spiritual Wisdom then one should offer the tiger the other leg!
“Peace be always with you.”


1) You will encounter a tiger because of your past deeds and desire.
2) The tiger may chew off your leg because of your past deeds and desire.
3) If you have surrendered yourself to the Lord, The Lord will direct you what to do.
4) If the tiger is destined to be killed by you and you because of your past deeds have got the body of a person who will fall in such a situation that he will kill a tiger and comit sin, you will do it.
Got confused?
The Supreme Personality of Godhead, as the localized Supersoul, sits in the heart directing the living being. After changing bodies, the living entity forgets his past deeds, but the Supersoul, as the knower of the past, present and future, remains the witness of all his activities. Therefore all the living entities are directed by this Supersoul. The living entity gets what he deserves and is carried by the material body, which is created in the material energy under the direction of the Supersoul. As soon as a living entity is placed in a particular type of body, he has to work under the spell of that bodily situation.
A person seated in a high-speed motorcar goes faster than one seated in a slower car, though the living entities, the drivers, may be same. Similarly, by the order of the Supreme Soul, material nature fashions a particular type of body to a particular type of living entity so that he may work according to his past desires. The living entity is not independent. One should not think himself independent of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The individual is always under the Lord’s control.
So if you are spiritually advanced and have surrendered to the Lord. You may never face such a situation. But if you face such a situation, you will definitely do something forgetting all the answers written for your question here. And that action will be directed by the supersoul.

cosmic chameleon

Dear Sunman… is that meat in your pocket or were you just happy to see the tiger? =P


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