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Can someone with ESP work tarot cards?

me and my dad have a bit of ESP. whenever one of thinks of another, the other is thinking of them too. so when im thinking to call my dad, he calls me, and the other way around. one time when i was thinking about him, later when we were one the phone he guessed my whereabouts and what i wanted to talk to him about. so i was thinking of taking a step further, to see if i could work tarot cards truthfully (not like one of those fake psychic people.) so, what do you think?


  • I describe it more of a higher vibration, and yes I use the tarot cards in combination with this higher vibration, but when I am done I feel drained of my spiritual energy.

    Child of Light

  • Anyone can learn to effectively use tarot cards. If you have a bit of ESP. it might be easier…the main problem might be training yourself to separate the impressions you are getting–you might find yourself learning things about the person you are reading for that you didn’t want to know and have nothing to do with their question.

  • Coincidence and we all have this in our lives.

    If you have a real gift, think of someone right now you havent seen in years and if they phone you, then you have a gift.

    Tarot cards are fake just like horoscopes.(keep it just for fun)

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