Can someone who is atheist believe in reincarnation?

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My friend says that she is an atheist who believes in reincarnation after death. I want to know what you think, and if that actually makes any sense whatsoever.

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Sex and Candy

Yes. Many Buddhists are atheists.


Just as long as you don’t believe in god, you can believe in anything else and you’ll still be an atheist.


Anything is possible.


Hebrews 9 (Amplified Bible) 27And just as it is appointed for [all] men once to die, and after that the [certain] judgment,


Yes, because all the term “atheism” means is “no belief in deity”. Since the concept of reincarnation, in and of itself, does not depend on the notion of deity either way, then it’s possible to be both an atheist and a believer of reincarnation.

peanut 2

Yes. The last time i checked no religion thinks reincarnation is a god

Anthem Demon ^2

Atheism only covers gods.

scott b

Yes. An Atheist doesn’t believe in a God. Reincarnation has nothing to do with there being a God.

Zero - Atheati Maverick Hunter

Well, if she doesn’t believe in any sort of deity, yes, she’s an atheist who just-so-happens to believe in reincarnation.


Atheists don’t believe in a higher power, and a repeat cycle of life after death would generally imply that either
A. Their is a higher power, or some sort of natural order controlling reincarnation, or
B. That a God isn’t necessary for reincarnation.
Really, it can go either way, as many religions that believe in reincarnation don’t really specify a higher power (see: Buddhism).


Yeah. I used to be like that, until I found a form of God I was comfortable with. It makes sense if you think of reincarnation as a natural process. Just like life, it doesn’t need a deity to make it happen, it just does.


People shape their own beliefs. Just because they subscribe to something we have categorized does not change anything.
I don’t entirely agree with anything the Church teaches, but I believe in God and reincarnation.

Bell Bell

yes yes yes


Sure. Reincarnation doesn’t posit a god, it’s all about karma. Your actions determine what happens in your next go-around, but there’s nobody like a god judging your actions, they sort of “self-regulate.”
Personally, since there’s no evidence that reincarnation is any more real than “heaven,” I see no reason to believe in it. But it’s not inconsistent with atheism.


Yes, they believe thought is an energy that can’t be destroyed and after death it passes to another form. All this is done without a god. For me it is not right but everyone is entitled to there beliefs.

Wicked Witchâ„¢ of the West

Atheist means having no belief in Deity. Reincarnation really doesn’t need a deity.
ALL Budhists believe in reincarnation, and, they are all atheists.

Everard J

A theist is one who believes in ‘gods’.
An a-theist doesn’t.
Outside of that there are NO rules to determine what you ‘must’ think.
Pretty weird though, huh ?


Yes… but
ask her what she thinks the point of it is, and how it happens.
Maybe she calls herself an Atheist, but would align better with a belief system.
Its up to her to follow her own spiritual path, but a nudge to find herself doesn’t hurt either.

Mr Cǝnʇǝɹ

I’m gonna go against most of the answers here. Being an Atheist pretty much means no belief in a higher power “God”. In my book Gods are supernatural. Reincarnation requires a soul or spirit to be reborn in a new body. That is supernatural. I don’t believe in the supernatural. I can’t be an Atheist and believe such things.

Chris L

Atheist means you are A- theist. Meaning you don’t believe in a god or deity. So yes.


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