Home Discussion Forum Can someone who is a psychic medium look into my future?

Can someone who is a psychic medium look into my future?

Specifically, the next 6 months or so as it relates to romantic relationships with women near or around my age (21-31)? My sign is Cancer and my DOB is July 7th.


  1. When you finally find the one who is meant for you, you will recognize her and the relationship will last a very long time. But in the meantime, you are someone who is not easily satisfied.. not only in relationships, but with most things in life. In many people, this manifests itself in moving more often than most…changing jobs more often.. and moving from one activity to another.. never quite feeling fulfilled or satisfied. If you are closer to age 21, you won’t find that person meant for you for some time. If you are nearer to 31, I would be open to the unusual. The woman meant for you is not the type you would ordinarily look for.

  2. If they could look into the future they would have known ahead of time what stocks were going to soar and would have been millionaires by now. If they’re still as broke as you….run.

  3. Hi Paul, There is one woman in the time frame you specified. But be careful there as she has a chip on her shoulder and tends to manipulate. When she goes silent, she is just building up steam before she erupts.
    There is a nice woman coming in outside of the six months, closer to nine months. This one is really upbeat and carefree, much better match for a nice guy like you.


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