Can someone tell me where i can get the Connolly tarot card book for beginners?

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It would be nice if it was a store in southern Indiana!

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The Vegan Butcher

try the new age section at barnes and noble


If you’re a beginner, try the book “21 Way to Read a Tarot Card” by Mary Greer.
It is a fabulous book, which will work for any deck (including the Connolly), and most bookstores should be able to get it in if they don’t carry it, as it’s a recent book from a major publisher.
I like it because it doesn’t just tell you card meanings, it explains where those meanings come from, so you can understand and remember them, and teaches many different methods of reading the cards, so you can find what works for you. It’s good for beginners, but has plenty of levels of content to keep you learning for a long time.


Do a google search online. You can find any deck. I believe even has decks.


I’d go straight to the Internet, where you can buy them second hand and they still look new. Even with the international shipping still cheaper than a store.


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