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Can someone tell me if I had an encounter with a demon or sleep paralysis?

I think I was about 8 years old when this happened. I am summoning all my courage to remember everything that happened in the night changed my life.
One night, my mom, myself, and my 2 brothers slept in the same bed. My grandpa just died and for some reason everyone was scared of sleeping alone. Right when I was about to sleep, I heard this REALLY loud breathing. I assumed it was just my mom or one of my brothers so I just relaxed. Suddenly, I felt my pillow move. I was SO sleepy that I didn’t care. I just thought it was my brother or something.
Then I felt this REALLY CREEPY hand touch my face. I felt wide awake after feeling it (I am 100% sure I was not asleep) It was rough and it had razor sharp nails. Right when it touched my face, everything in my body froze. Slowly, one by one, it’s finger wrapped around my face. It squeezed my head very tightly. It’s WHOLE hand fit my 8 year old head and it’s thumb was on the top of my head. While it was squeezing my head I could feel something being pulled out of me (my soul I think), but I pulled back. When time passed, his breathing sounded louder. The “thug of war” felt like it lasted 30 minutes. I never gave up and I prayed to God (I’m a proud Catholic) the whole time. In the end, it gave up. It never pulled back. It slowly let go of my head and my body could suddenly move. NO, I did not wake up. It was NOT a dream. I was awake the whole time. After this incident I burst into tears, I cried uncontrollably.
I gave away the clothes I was wearing that night and the blanket I was using. For 2 years, I had to sleep with a night light and constantly force myself to sleep. I prayed at least 5 times a day and became really religious. I learned to shut of all emotions (even happiness) to forget what fear was. I felt no emotion and even learned how to fake smile. In the next 2 years, I stayed the same way until I met some friends. They made me remember how to feel emotion. Everything was going fine until I stumbled on something called “sleep paralysis”. I went insane and searched everything I could about this topic. I thought I finally found an explanation, until It said “sleep paralysis victims experience illusions”(I felt a physical contact). I’m 15 now and I remember that horrific night exactly like it was. I can sleep normal now, but everytime I remember that night, I can’t sleep without light.
Do you guys think this is sleep paralysis or a real demon encounter?
Before you say yes to sleep paralysis, remember that you only see illusions during sleep paralysis. I FELT a hand touch me and something being pulled away from me. Even if you could explain the hand, how could you explain the “pull”.
Once again, I’m going to say that this is a true story. Some of my friends believe me, but some don’t. I’m used to people not believing me.
Eric j they did wake up. My mom comforted me until I fell asleep (it took a while though). My brothers thought I was dreaming and went back to sleep.
It’s been about 7 years and I’m normal. No emotional problems and I have great friends. When I remembered what happened, I just think of something else. I can now sleep in complete darkness.
Thanks for all the great answers


  1. I totally believe you and I think it was a demon. Most people don’t believe in demons, but if there are angels, and I know there are, there has to be demons as well. The fight between good and evil continues.
    Keep your faith.
    God Bless
    P.S. I have been trying to figure out a “vision” I had for 20 years.

  2. it could very well be a demon i dont think your crazy i have lots of friends that have had many encounters. im a penticostal and i dont hate catholics and other religions.i suggest prayer and church and let your pastor know and talk to him.

  3. Sleep paralysis.
    I have occasional episodes of it. Last one was several months ago before I started taking Ambien so I could sleep. I used to get the sensation of someone touching me. But, alas, nothing interesting othet than the sleep issues.

  4. Well this demon got what it probably wanted. You lived in fear and cut yourself off from everyone. I find it strange you were all in the same bed an no one else woke up.

  5. Well, I’m Christian, so I get where you’re coming from.
    Perhaps it really was a demon. There has to be a back-story for why it came though. It isn’t your fault.
    Demons only come when you allow them to, and I’m not saying you summoned it. Maybe someone in your family has done something and the enemy is after you. The enemy usually comes after the weakest, or smallest in the family, and I’m also not calling you weak, because when you prayed, that’s what made it let go. I’m glad that you’re firm in your belief. Praying was the right thing to do.
    If you still think about that night, you just pray to God to lift that burden from your shoulders. Jesus said, “Come to me those who are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” So you just pray off that heaviness, and trust me, the scariness will cease.
    And if you think it’s going to come back, that is not of you. That is the enemy telling you to think that way. All you have to do is rebuke it in Jesus’ mighty name.
    Email me for further questions.

  6. I appreciate you for being honest and coming forward and speaking about this knowing that many would criticize you. I commend you for that.
    Second off, I feel very sorry that this happened to you. The uncontrollable crying that preceded really hurts me and for this reason I am going to speak to you concerning the truth. You can believe me and have power over any demon that will seek to step into your home, or you can disbelieve me and let demons have the upper hand.
    First off, yes it was a demon, but not the way they really look. The creepy hand is just a physical deception, they are fallen angels. Revelation 12:4 talks about a 1/3 of the stars of heaven falling to Earth when the dragon’s tails swipes them, this is Satan and He made war in heaven against God. He convinced 1/3 of the angels to rally up with Him and they were cast out of heaven to Earth together. These angels play with the fears of those who are ignorant of the fact that they do exist, and they present themselves as scary, slimy, unpleasant things like something from a Hollywood horror movie.
    What I found particularly interesting is that i could touch you. Demons don’t have any power over the children of God. In Mark 16:17, Jesus gives His people the authority to cast out demons. This is done by saying something along these lines: I bind you with the authority given to me by Jesus Christ, and cast you out of ____. You have no place to rest here because the blood of Jesus is over this home and God is master over this house. Get out therefore in the name of Jesus.
    You say that with faith that God will accomplish it and you will see things happen that the news will not cover. Hope this help you out if you have any other questions feel free to contact me at Imforeverone@yahoo.com, God be with you and cause His peace to permeate your life.

  7. it could be sleep paralysis
    I had sleep paralysis constantly when I was about 10. It felt like a su mo wrestler was laying on top of me when I was asleep. Your mind can take you on a trip like no other

  8. I TOTALLY believe you hun. I’ve had kind of similar experiences but except the scary demon part. Sometimes at night when I sleep(or when I’m trying to sleep) its like my body falls asleep, but my mind is awake (ITS NO DREAM). When that happens, I can’t move my body, but I’m so scared and I’m thinking WHY CAN’T I MOVE!! It’s so horrible I have to TRY AND TRY to wake my body up I cry on my inside because it takes forever to wake my body up. And when I finally somehow jump up while laying down, thats when I get unparalyzed. Then I can’t go back to sleep because I’m scared its gonna happen again. Its not only I, my sister has had the same experience and we always have talked about it and wonder. We’ve told our mom, and doctor’s. The doctor could not explain it, and I don’t really think my mom believed me. My sis also told me that when she went to visit my dad’s side of the family in Guatemala (we are from there but born here), our cousins told her that the same things happen to them, but they said that its a dead person that likes bothering them at night. They lay on top of them, and that is when they become paralyzed. Our cousins said that when they’re sleeping, and one of them starts breathing HARD AND LOUD when they’re “sleeping” her sister touches her, because when the person who is paralyzed is physically touched, the dead person or spirit I guess leaves them alone. I really don’t know if its true, but this is exactly what they told my sis and she told me. I don’t know but I kinda believe it. Also my sis told me that when she met another one of my dad’s sons (because he has a lot that we dont even know of.. yes i know WOW.) she said that he’s really weird and looks like he’s a bit crazy like evil or something or on drugs.. but anyway the point is he was sharing his story with her and he said that he can literally get out of his body(his soul) and wander around. I don’t know something like that. Creepy.. but Anyway sorry for writing alot I probably bored you.
    But I so totaly believe you. I strongly recommend you to speak to a pastor at a church and PRAY. But for real you really should hun, because that IS not good at all. God bless you hun~

  9. honestly i do not see why people are afraid of ‘demons’ they ARE NOT EVIL they get mad by disrespect just be nice and they will be nice back

  10. I’ve had episodes about 20 years ago…someone was after me and I was try to get off the couch or out of bed or where ever I was sleeping but I couldn’t move. It was a terrifying experience to feel so helpless. Hadn’t had that happen since but last night I could hear footsteps on my hardwood floor and then I felt someone crawling over me and I couldn’t move. I kept trying to scream or cry out but nothing out come out. Then it touched my hand and I tried to put my fingernails in her hand to get her to stop but I couldn’t move. I kept telling myself to wake up wake up and finally I woke up and my heart was racing. I started to drift back to sleep and the same thing started happening and it was the same creature/person. After I woke myself up from the 2nd time I was afraid to go back to sleep. If it’s not real, it certainly feels real.

  11. I believe this as I have been a victim of this since I was about 6 years old. When I was stil in my young Childhood days I used to hear alot of screams in my ears followed by some type of loud static noise. I also used to feel myself being dragged out of bed which left me scared and hiding under the blankets.As I grew older things started to get worse for me. I would be in a deep sleep then suddenly it turns into a nitemare, I try and open my eyes but I can’t,I cannot move as im paralysed. I also encounter disturbing hand touching while im sleeping,..the worse is when I try to wake up and once again my eyes will not open and my whole entire body is paralysed,the worst is yet to come..I could actually feel several or a pair of hands actually push down on my face and body..I tried to yell out but I cannot say a word.You would think i’d be used to this by now considering I have experienced this for years but I still tremble after the experience. You may see me as weird but I know for a fact it aint no dream there is some sort of presence thats being lingering around me for years and probably will never leave me alone. To those that never experience anything like this.then you are the lucky ones.

  12. Hello i had something of the same happen to me when i
    was seven years old i was at my secound mothers house and i was
    getting ready to fall asleep and i had felt and seen a really big hand on the side of my bed i couldnt scream the next thing i know i saw the elbow then the head with the yellow eyes staring at me he pulled himself to get closer to me when his face got close to mine its like i blacked out i was so scared i didnt know what to do the next thing i know i felt him leave and i got my sight back right after i got my sight back my neck started to hurt so i started screaming for my mom she told me to come to
    her so as i ran to her downstairs i looked in a mirror she had and i had four fang marks on my neck . I showed my mom she asked me what happend i told her it was a monster so she asked what it looked like i told her and she called the prist at our church and my mom but the prist to me i was marked by a demon i cant get no help for what i’ve been through but if it can help to here another story like your own. But for me its not over now i dream about him all the time i can talk to him through my phone recorder i know his name his rank hes protected my children from getting hurt its bad when other people see him and can feel his presence in a room my mother has seen him my brother has seen him almost anyone i come in contact with has either seen him felt him or somthung has happend all depends if they mean me harm or what ever else they mean to the ones i care for trust me i grew up in a christain home god is my savor but i hate to say it i think i have feelings for him but thats not all hes even showen a few people i know that he has a mark of 666 sorry for the spelling but i hope this helped if not maybeit might help someone else. So dont let any one say your crazy or its all in your dreams.because im thirty no problems of any sort and my demon still comes to me every night . One bit of advice dont ever let them break you down keep asking god for guidance because i still ask for help from god just like i asked a million times before praying pleading for help but no help came but ill make do with what my life is god only gives us what we can handle so i guess i can handle it but like i said i hope this helps and for all you peopl who dont belive in demons if you belive in angles then you showed do your research instead of some of you saying basically shes crazy how do you know if you turn your back on her your doing more harm then good.but for the ones who dont belive in demons or angles someday
    you’ll find out who or what exists in heaven and hell youll find out sooner or later but i think i said enough but yes when i wad a teenager i had problems just to say i tryed to take my own life 4 times self mutilated but i havent been that way for well over 15 years but before i was eight my family also had problems with demons


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