Home Discussion Forum can someone tell me about chi energy?

can someone tell me about chi energy?

im looking for a good paragraphs worth of beginner chi information.
its not for me, but im having a hard time explaining it to my friend.


  1. everyone has invisible energy running through their body. It cannot be sensed. Sometimes it gets clogged or slowed, and it is not efficiently powering your body. Thats where accupuncturists come in. they stick little hair thin needles into you at just the right points, and it allows your chi energy to flow right, and whatever was wrong with you is no longer wrong with you.

  2. Chi is the life force, and yes Avatar was correct in calling the stomach the sea of chi. About two inches below the navel is the ‘tan tien’ I believe it’s called, which essentially is the storage point for all of your lifeforce.
    Chi flows through your body, in and out, and those who are more balanced tend to store/generate more of it. The chakras are points at which your chi swirls before moving on.

  3. It’s not Dragonball Z. Chi is like water. It flows and moves around the body. It can be controlled and can come out explosively (when attacking).

  4. You’re having a hard time explaining it because it doesn’t exist. Sorry if I sound like a jerk, because after a while you get frustrated with all the nonsense that people believe.
    Check Wikipedia if you need some good intro info.

  5. To keep it simple, a human has 2 bodies, a material one and an electrical body or grid. Chi is the electrical force of your grid. The chi is what acupuncturists manipulate with their needles.

  6. Basically, chi is the difference between what is alive and what is not. A dead body has no chi. A living one keeps on living by virtue of Chi. It is a subtle force, so we may not always notice it. It can bind two being together and join them in movement. I’ve seen this happen. Unless you experience it, it’s hard to explain.
    Join your hands together, as if to make two fist come together, but let your index fingers point out. Joint all other fingers. Concentrate on the tips of your finger. Relax. You want them to join. They will. That is chi.

  7. The most basic answer is the vibration in every cell is Chi energy of one kind or another, and all of them can be influenced with thoughts in harmony with the vibration. Some believe this vibration energy to be the GOD spark, while others believe that only living things have Chi. It can be used to heal or harm, as well as many other things westerners find beyond the realm of science.
    The more Chi is gathered, the more it flows in a pattern within the container. It is easy to think of Chi as if it was “The Water of Life”, and just as water goes through the air (sometimes in the form of clouds) as well as rivers and streams, so to does the life force depend on the blood and the Chi to survive.

  8. There is more to the human body than we have discovered. Only a few years ago the AMA said that there was no chi energy and acupuncture was all smoke and mirrors. OOPs. It has been proven time and again. I used to walk on fire and “experts” by the hundreds said it couldn’t be done. It is all controlled by your mind. It is simple but not easy. For the beginner it all has to do with what you want to accomplish. It is a step by step process. It is a lot like trying to find the blind spot in your eye, the harder you try the more elusive it becomes.


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