Can someone teach me the correct way to learn tai chi at home?

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I have the book, but when im done my stomach and back really hurt…does anyone know the correct way to do this excercise?

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get video pop it in…learn step by step until u can do a step w/o watching video….don’t go on

mark k

Doing tai chi since i was 6 in Singapore.
I suspect your stance is wrong, try lowering yourself lower – half squat, head up/
Try this stance for 10 minutes stretching to improve your stance.


I’ve taken Tai Chi for a few years, and I would not recommend learning from a book or a video… You really have to have an instructor teach you. The poses are very intricate and even though it looks like it should be easy, it is actually pretty difficult to do the correct way. Sorry I couldn’t give you the answer you wanted.


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