Home Discussion Forum Can someone talk to animals using telepathy?

Can someone talk to animals using telepathy?


  1. impossible, unless the animal was ur own pet sometime ago and got separated from u. it could be a cat, dog or horse, and any other mammal.

  2. If somebody can, I wish they’d find out why my male cat keeps coming home with his face all messed up.
    Seriously though, if telepathy exists, they wouldn’t get much out of cats and dogs other than, “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty”, or “Cool, a squirrel!!!”….

  3. My answer may not be the one that belittles you for even asking but I will try to answer in some way. I think anything on this beautiful green and blue planet can happen. After all they say people cant walk on water but we think one man did. Also we only use 2% of our brains…. some less… so what might happen when people develop and use more?

  4. Pets living with a family also show a high degree of psychic awareness with certain family members – not necessarily the person who brought the pet home – but the person the pet has the karma with – which is why the pet came into the family in the first place. , Another proof for this is , when dogs,cats & horses,monkeys are trained, by trainers, only telepathy is used, because there,is no other way a dog would understnad his words, there is energy used by a trainer, to men heart of animals or other mamals ,

  5. The point of contention that your question turns on is the word ‘talk’. It depends on how you define the word ‘talk.’ Animals do not ‘talk’ like humans because their experience is based upon a strong reliance on instinct. And instinct is defined by quick identification and response situations. In other words, a cat would never sit at a bar, with a mocha latte, and ponder the meaning of life. A conversation with your animal would be very to-the-point.
    Hi, how you doing?
    Did you miss me?
    Of course.
    What would you like me to do?
    Feed me.
    Being human, we might be inclined to add flourishes or human touches to their conversations, but the wit and sarcasm evident in a Garfield strip, for example, is very much our own anthropomorphic imagining. Animals are very matter-of-factly, and a ‘translation’ of their conversations would be very…ordinary. This is not to say they are all robots, simply that expecting long discussions of Nietsche by the fire might be a bit one-sided.


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