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can someone take courses for ESP? ( such as being able to see auras and energy)?


  1. No. In order for you to be able do to that, someone else would have to be able to do that to teach you – and no one has ever shown they had ESP. Anyone offering to teach you is a scam artist – there are millions of dollars in prize money out there for anyone who could actually prove they could do these things.

  2. I’m sure you could take a course but you would not learn anything (apart from how to waste money) because ESP had never been shown to exist. If you want to see auras just stare as something until your eyes are tired and you will witness the optical illusion that people like to pretend is some sort of magical energy.

  3. Not for college credit or anything, but yes, there are many people out there willing to take your money to teach you crazy stuff like that.
    For the record, psychic abilities, auras, and such are classified as paranormal because nobody has ever been able to actually demonstrate they exist. The people who teach you how to do it will be con-men and charlatans who are feeding you a line a garbage.
    But yes, there are probably people right in your own town willing to teach you that stuff. If you want to find them, look for the nearest wicca/magic shop, hang out in the “new age” section of your local bookstore, or find the Medieval Studies majors at a nearby college. (note: Medieval Studies is a legit course of studies, but from experience it seems to attract the wizard and witch type people.)

  4. Being able to see auras and energy is not a part of extrasensory perception (ESP) which is defined as:
    “The acquisition of information about, or response to, an external event, object or influence (mental or physical; past, present or future) otherwise than through any of the known sensory channels; …”
    (link below).
    While ESP has been repeatedly demonstrated by the standards of evidence for every field of science no individual courses or training techniques have even been studied to determine their effectiveness.
    One can certainly take a course in parapsychology (link to online course below) to make you familiar with the research methods used for the study of ESP and other psi phenomena.

  5. I’ve emitted a high frequency psychic pulse through the interwebs into your computer. Upon reading this magic word you will have the ability to read psychic auras:
    There ya go, you’re now qualified to lie to gullible people and take their money. There’s no such thing as an aura, but as long as people want to believe there is, you can make a living.
    Now go out there and be a charlatan!

  6. wow, such negativity here… forced me to actually log in and say something. Yes, there are many people who are out there who would love to rip you off, BUT, there are also people out there like me that don’t mind teaching (for free I might add- just for those “they will all rip you off people” lol) however, I like to teach in person, so please don’t expect me to drop everything and teach you if you ask me. All I can say if you are legitimately interested in learning, you can, but again, you will need to do a bit of background checking with any person or institution that is offering courses, or risk wasting time/money.

  7. You can take courses for ESP. It’s a whole lot easier if you have it naturally like me but to see auras all you need is practice. Just look at a certain spot on the wall and resist the temptation to move your eyes from that spot. Then after about 30 seconds, observe the objects around you without actually moving your eyes. Use your peripheral vision. then after doing that look at something then immediately close your eyes. You will see colors and those are the colors of the aura of that object.


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