Can someone please tell me about aura's and how do you know if the one that you have is good?

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leon quimera

theres a famous kind of photography called “kirlank” that show a shinnes that many people say that it is the aura ,,and some people have a diferent color of aura,,,(according to that photos)


Your aura is exactly what you make it. It is the energy waves of what you are feeling. If your aura is reddish you may be angry or feeling passionate about something, if its greyish you may not be feeling very up or well, etc. There are many books and sites on the subject where you can get alot more detail.


your aura is produced by your energy. So it fluctuates just like your energy. It is not a static thing. There really is no such thing as good or bad energy. It just is and how you respond to it is what matters.
For instance. If a family member died, I might appear with a deep violet black aura. To someone just coming up to me in the grocery store wanting to know if I’ve seen the pickle relish, this might seem like “get away, leave me alone,” energy.. bad eh?
But to my best friend sensing this same deep colored aura might make them want to hug me.. same energy different responses..


auras are about colours. If you have high energy, then yours would be green. It doesn’t tell you if it’s good or bad.
Some people can see them but not everybody.


Kurlian photography was debunked as a film trick some time ago. Just to clear that up.
Auras are not like tatoos – permanent and unchanging – but shift with your mood, health, and intent. I think they are really a psychological manifestation of the perceptions of others … a mental construct mirroring an actual sense.
I believe they are actually the result of dozens of small perceptual clues — pheromones, skin response, expression, tone of voice, body posture, etc. — that can be “read” by a careful observer.
So, if you feel/act/intend good, you probably have a “good” aura, unless you are conversing with a clod.


I know nothing about aura’s only that I have seen some. I was in jail and some of the other inmates had gone to Bible Study. They had a special thing going on like baptising or something. When the girls came back as they walked in the door it was like some of them were glowing. Like there was a light radiating from them. I asked my friend if she saw this, she said no, but they all looked happy. My other jail bud came in the door with two other girls and there was no glow about them. I asked her why she wasn’t glowing like the other girls. She said she had gone to Bible Study and was laughing to hard so she had to leave and go sit in the library. The same with the two other girls. I hadn’t really thought about that until I ran across this question. I guess I had just put it down as being in jail too long.


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