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Can someone please give me information on how to read an aura ?

I have been able to see a white sparkly “aura” and a pale yellow and green one .Would like to learn more especially what the colours mean


  1. There is no such thing. I don’t know what you are seeing — it may be an optical illusion — but it has nothing to do with a person.

  2. I am sooo glad for you that you are able to see colour. Well normally the brighter the colour the more healthy the aura (mind body and spirit). Now that you have seen them just follow your intuition with what they represent for you. Sit down with all the colours of the rainbow and go through them one by one and see/feel which emotion pops up in your self. If you go searching for meanings you will find contradictions.

  3. Just keep practicing, and eventually your abilities will get stronger. I often times study the auras of people while I am in meetings, or on the subway, or such. There are several books out explaining the colors. But things to look out for more than colors is how far they project from the body, auras that are close to the body, that is you can only see like a couple inches around the person, usually means the person is not feeling well either physically, mentally or emotionally. They also may be guarded and hesitant (perhaps during an interview). Large, bright auras usually mean the person is being open, and is in a good frame of mind. Grey or black auras indicate illness or some sort, including mental illness, and lack of an aura is not good at all. The colors you see are reflections of the chakras concerned, see you may want to get a book on the chakras.


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