Home Discussion Forum Can someone please explain to me what elemental chakra in NARUTO is?

Can someone please explain to me what elemental chakra in NARUTO is?


  1. From what i understand, Its something like learning to use true power. There are a number of chakras and you have to get past them inside your self or something.

  2. There’s two form of Chakra control, Elemental chakra and Shape manipulation.
    Elemental is the chakra type you’re born with, IE: Naruto is Wind, Sasuke is fire and Lighning, etc. Once they’ve mastered elemental chakra training, they can learn to do the Suiton, Fuuton, Katon, Doton and Raiton jutsu.

  3. Okay, you know that there are five basic styles of elemental ninjutsu:
    Katon (Fire Style)
    Futon (Wind Style)
    Raiton (Lighting Style)
    Doton (Earth Style)
    Suiton (Water Style)
    A ninja’s chakra usually has one, possibly two affinities for one of those elements. When performing an elemental jutsu that is of your element, its strength is amplified. For example, if you happened to have the fire element, your katon jutsu would be stronger than your other jutsu. It is not possible to perform jutsu out of your element with the exception of a few ninja like Kakashi, who copies every jutsu he sees with his Sharingan. He can perform all jutsu, but the ones out of his element just aren’t as strong as the ones that are.
    The elements clash with each other, and one always dominates and succumbs to another type. For example, if a katon jutsu and a futon jutsu of the same skill level clashed, the katon jutsu would win before wind makes fire stronger. However, if suiton and katon collided, suiton would win because water puts out fire. However, if one jutsu is simply a stronger level than the other, it’ll win no matter the element.


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