Can someone please do a tarot spread for me?

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I was wondering if I will meet someone soon and if you can give details eg; such as intials or hair color and when I will most likely meet them.
My DOB is 27/12/1972 Susan.
Also is it someone I already know.

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I have spread the cards and have separated them by the numbers, 27, 12, 19 and 72. After turning them over, I then placed them by the order of the alphabet using your name. Here is what the cards have communicated to me:
1. You already have someone with brown hair
2. You will meet another guy with black hair and brown eyes
3. You will meet him within the next three months
4. He will be wild and dangerous for you so beware
5. He will change how you look at the world so again beware
Without you being present for me to ask questions, this is all I can provide for you.


There is a fair hair man coming into your life.Its up to you if you let him into it.Look out for poor health this winter.A person name Dean or Deana is coming into you life to be there for you a every good friend for life.


It’s really better for you to get one in person. If you still want to get one over the internet though, here is a site that you can use and cut out the middle man. It’s actually pretty accurate, it’s free, and there is no limit to how often you can use it.


I understand what it is like to want to know exactly what is happening in your life or what will happen from a spiritual perspective. Don’t look to tarot readers to find that. Instead look to Jesus Christ to give you answers about your future. God is the only one who knows everything about you and your future. He loves you and wants the best for you. Some tarot readers might seem to have some knowledge but God has all knowledge. Take care and stop looking to tarot readers to tell you about yourself or your future


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