Can someone name all of the chakra's in our body?

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There are 7 main chakra’s and many secondary ones
There is your crown chakra
your third eye
your throat
your heart
your solar plexus
your groins
Sorry can’t remember 1 of them but two of the secondary ones would be in the palms of your hands. Hope this helps

Physics/Philosophy Geek

Crown (function: understanding)
Third Eye (function: seeing, intuiting)
Throat (function: communication, creativity)
Heart (function: love)
Solar plexus (function: will)
Sacral (function: desire, sexuality, pleasure, procreation)
Root (function: survival and grounding)


There are plenty of energy centres in the body.
However, the traditional Hindu Chakras are:
Crown, very top of head
Brow, between eyebrows
Throat, around the ‘adam’s apple’
Solar Plexus, just below the navel
Base of the spine.


The Chakras or energy centres placed along the spinal cord perform functions that contribute to our healhth, peace and vitality:
1. The Mooladhara or Root Chakra, the seat of Wisdom
2. Swadhistan, the seat of Creativity
3. Nabhi (or Manipura), the seat of Contentment
4. Anahata (or Heart Chakra), the seat of Compassion
5. Vishuddi (or Throat Chakra), the seat of Diplomacy
6. Agnya (or The Third Eye), the seat of Forgiveness
7. Sahasrara (or Crown Chakra), the seat of Integration (with the Divine)


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