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can someone interpet this dream?

i had a very bad dream. i dreamed i was a jewish boy in nazi germany. i was running from the SS, and having stones thrown at me. all i could feel was a pervasive sense of fear, knowing i was gonna get caught, but knowing i needed to run any way. i kept running through different buildings, trying to find a place to hide. finally, i reached a doorway, and when i opened the door, an SS officer w/a pistol pointed at me met me. he put his hand on my shoulder, and i woke up. what could this dream mean? could it be a past life regression?


  1. it could be a past life regression. or somthing in your current life is really bothering you and you want to get away from it.

  2. Past life regression? You need Jesus. All it means is that are really craving pancakes in the morning and a nice cup of folgers decaf with 4 spoons of sugar.

  3. You have some problem in your life that you are not necessarily fleeing but not confronting and your subconscience knows that you must face it. now i dont know if you are jewish or not but the odds are you have read something recently or saw a documentary about Nazi germany and you used them to villianize this fear you are holding, sit down and ask yourself: what do i fear?. once you have discovered it confront it and you wont have the dream again.(hopefully)

  4. Could be you just feel unjustly prosecuted or guilty for some reason and are afraid of getting caught. But yeah, I believe it could be past life regression or any number of things. Who knows?

  5. It sounds like you are trying to avoid making a difficult decision that you know has to be made. The sooner you go ahead and decide the sooner you will stop stressing over having to make the decision. Then the nightmares will go away.

  6. Wow are you Jewish? It could be a past regression but what did you do on the day that you had that dream, go through the day and the evening before you had this dream there maybe a link

  7. Yes it might be but most of the times dreams stop when we get into danger. Thats’s interesting. So there are more chances of dying and we got up in this bed with a new life. Thats what it means. Thank You.

  8. Has you seen a Film or read a book about nazi Germany?
    Don’t be afraid bad dreams are a way to work out unconscious thoughts

  9. I see that you are searching for someone whom you did not get to chance to say good-bye to. I see that person placing their hands on your shoulders to assure you that you no longer need to search, because they will always be by your side.
    Did someone in your family or a close friend recently die? If so, that is why you were having this dream. If not, and if I am wrong… please let me know.

  10. No, just too much brain washing. Everyone has seen in movies etc just how “bad” the nazi’s were and you associating that with something else in your life.
    Before someone jumps down my throat – yes yes the nazi’s were bad – but if you travel you’ll see that other countries have other bigger and badder foes who are always protrayed as the bad guys in films.

  11. Maybe a decision or situation needs to be dealt with, and are avoiding it.
    Afraid of someones reaction or the consequences. If it was past life does it relate to you now…are you spoiled? (financially)

  12. I know this answer: I’ve had variations of this dream plenty of times when I was stressed so I already analyzed it & when you know the reason, the dream ceases.
    In real waking life, You’re feeling imprisoned in your present life circumstances & criticized unfairly by friends, coworkers, classmates or yourself. You’re feeling trapped with no where to escape (no solutions) & are terrified & feeling alone. The solution: while relaxed in a quiet room, write down goals – short-term & long-term – even if they seem impossible, just write them all down. Get your brain thinking about solutions, answers, ways to escape how you feel. And lastly, re-write this nightmare & imagine that you get out & are successful in escaping & not getting hurt. It’ll help & it helped me.
    It’s not a past life regression. You know the horrendous nazi history & your brain (in search of some imagery to identify the stressful feelings) automatically went for the most tragic event that you know about. BTW: I’ve actually been shot & died & then woken up. It was creepy but contrary to popular opinion, if you die in your dream you don’t die in real life, so don’t fret.
    Sweet dreams: Tonight: think about cheerful things that happened during the day.

  13. no i don’t think it is past life regression ……. it was just a terrific dream that’s it you need not to worry about it

  14. The dreams are reflection of our Micro Thoughts. So, you must have gone through any fearful incident during last 2-3 days. So, don’t be afraid it is nothing.

  15. It could very well be a past life thing if you haven’t consumed too much media on topics about the NAZI. It sounds like your dream was vivid. Well, it reflects your stress level due to the criticism your are receiving. Taking vitamin B complex should help.

  16. you have a problem in your life that you can’t seem to shake, even when you try many things to avoid it – it catches you. Some behaviour in your life you consider worthy of persecution, and have a sense of hopelessness.
    I don’t know if you smoke or drink alcohol or gamble, but this kind of dream is usually associated with addiction or addictive behaviour of some sort.

  17. As far as I can see there is no interpretation necessary. It is a fear issue – a nightmare – don’t look for something that is not there. You will end up with paranoia or being led down the garden path. Just move on. Do something different. Change the atmosphere around you by going out and celebrating. It works wonders when fear challenges you.

  18. I think it could be many things. You could be feeling a fear of being “caught” about something in your own life, and your mind likens this to the situation in your dream. I used to have VERY similar dreams where I was Jewish and the Nazis were after me. This was back when I was doubting my Christian faith and starting to think that perhaps Judaism was true. I was so afraid that my parents would find out because I knew they’d be very upset. So the fear of being found out translated into that sort of situation in my dreams.
    I think our subconscious minds tend to exaggerate and go to extremes. If you have some fear, the dreaming mind will make it the worst fear imaginable! And so the nazi threatening us is one of the worst fears we can imagine.
    It could also just be that you have read or watched something about the holocaust and you are very sensitive, and in your mind, you have wondered what those poor people must have gone through.
    Or, as others have said, it may be something from a past life. But I’m leaning towards one of my first 2 explanations. Only you really can know for sure I think.

  19. have you been harassing Palestinians in your home town near Gaza? cos maybe it is guilt. I suggest a good cleansing by joining Refuseniks.org, or Jewish Voice for Peace, both excellent organizations. they also have a program called “I dreamt it was MY a.s.s. not theirs”. great program, they get all Freud on you n chit. nightmares disappear…BAM! just like that! yeah, sux being Jewish and having to justify your own SUPPRESSION of others, don’t it?
    oh wait! maybe it is the other way around! Are you radical islamist and just got back from the mosque and picked up a rocket launcher and pointed it towards some random village in Israel? …blew the shiite out of some poor old jewish lady? [nice pun huh, “shiite”?]. did you DO EXACTLY the opposite of what Islam told ya to do? cos yeah, that’ll do it.
    gosh darn, maybe dreams teach us more than our own bullsh*t religions do, huh? intresting…


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