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Can someone help with auras and empath.?

I can see auras, I think I also might have a slight empath ability. I’ve been able to see the colors for awhile, I think the earliest was around kinder garden. I’m 18 now and in college. The colors of all the people gets annoying, and feel others emotions sometimes. They aren’t my own,I get angry when I shouldn’t and its because someone else in the room is. I’ve been depressed be for because my friends mom was depressed. Please I need a way to stop it or develop to a point where I can control when it happens. If there is a teacher in virginia I can go to please refer them.


  1. Might you have synesthesia? I have a friend who sees colors around people, and he also has many other forms of synesthesia. My voice is pale lavendar he says. I have syn also, but not to that degree. I just associate graphemes, days of the week, months and some names with colors, personalities and gender. I also am very empathic, but most people are. We can feel others’ energy with our “6th sense” or whatever you want to call it. Negative, or positive, it always affects us. I have heard people say you can protect yourself from such things, and I just read about it in the book, The Celestine Prophecy. I never knew what that book was about until recently! It’s quite an adventure story, and I thought it was just ‘proverbs’ or something. I once lived in northern Va, and you’re in a good place for searching for something like that. Maybe see if there are any spiritual or metaphysical centers or Unity churches, that should at least get you networking to find what you need.

  2. You can’t see something that doesn’t exist. Auras don’t exist.
    As for empathy, most people have it, and like all things, how much varies from person to person. Some people are highly empathetic, and some people have little or none at all. Most people are somewhere in between. It isn’t a “super power.” It’s a normal human trait.

  3. Wow how nice for you.
    You may not be able to controll it or turn it off, but you should not let it be controlling you.
    One thing that would help, is to develop your owne sense of personl peace/power. This is done through meditation. Take 30 minutes a day (in a quiet environment) to just relax and create in your mind a safe, peacefull, wonderful place. It can be anywhere, any thing, it is yours only and no one else may enter without your permission. Start with a smaller space and fill in every minute detale, then over time add new areas.
    Whenever you feal stressed or overpowered by outside stuff, just take 3 or 4 deep breaths and mentally go to your “safe place” for a few seconds. You will feal better and more in controll.
    Since escentially you are a walking, talking lie detector, you have a great future in business or law enforcement.
    God, I sound like a fortune teller — sorry.

  4. Teach yourself and its free. Here’s how go to the library and get some books and read, study, learn and experiment. Noone is going to do it for you.
    You cant be lazy if you want to develop it.

  5. How lucky for you, but you may not see it as lucky if it’s interfering with your life.
    So, about the auras.There are several exercises that you can do to build on your ability and learn to control it.
    You may want to start by rubbing your hands together until they feel warm. Now cup them, with the palms facing, like you’re holding a small ball. Do you feel a warmth and tingle in your hands? Now compress the energy in your hands and form it into a ball, like packing a snow ball. Do you feel it getting denser? Now, mentally let the energy build and the ball get larger. You will feel your hands being pushed apart. Blow it up and let it deflate in your hands, almost like a balloon. When you are finished with playing with the energy, either release it to the universe, open your hands and let it float away, or place it into the earth with your hands.
    You can use this type of exercise when you see auras, which is just another form of energy. As you are looking at a spot over someones head or shoulder, see if you can make the aura grow in size, then shrink it back down so that it’s barely visible around their body. See if you can switch the ability on and off as you want or need. This may take some practice, but it’s worth it as far as controlling your abilities.
    Now, for the empath part. Empaths are people that don’t have any energy shields, so they are constantly bombarded by the energy and emotions of people and places around them. My husband is one and he has always had a real hard time around groups and at certain locations. Sweat lodge leaders loved having him tend fire for them as they could draw energy off of him when they needed it during the ceremonies.
    You need to set protection around you each day and night. Just picture or imagine a bubble of energy that protects you as you go about your day. Or you can act like you have an invisible shield, hold your hand so that it’s in a loose fist – almost like holding a stick or handle – with your thumb on top. Now when you need it, your push your thumb down like you’re pushing a button on top of the stick, and your energy shield springs up to protect you. This one is especially useful for those people that drain energy off of you (they make you tired and angry when you have to deal with them).
    Another trick is to go to a store that sells rocks and minerals and buy a small stone, no bigger than a quarter, to keep in your pocket to ground you. When you feel the need, you just put your hand in your pocket, grab your stone, and let that anchor you so that you don’t get taken by their energy and they can’t take yours.
    I hope this helps,


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