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Can someone help me with these tarot cards?

I am learning to read tarot cards, but I always have trouble with the court cards. They are frustrating for me and I always have trouble interpreting them. Do they ALWAYS represent real people? Any insight, advice, tips, or explanations would be very helpful! I am using a Rider-Waite deck if that makes any difference.


  1. They usually don’t represent “real” people. Mostly, if you (or someone else) gets a court card in their reading, the qualities the specific court card represents could be trying to emerge in you (or whoever you’re reading). Go with you intuition though, if you feel it could represent a specific person, such as a family member, friend, etc, it could.

  2. the majority of the time yes but it depends on the cards next to them in combinations that will tell you what they mean. it does take a long time to master. so you should take classes

  3. Court cards often represent other people, but it does not always have to be that way. Sometimes, court cards may be more likely to represent personal characteristics of either yourself or someone else. For example, the Queen of Cups can represent emotional balance and great listening skills. Court cards may also refer to something that is happening at the time. For example, the Page of Wands can represent that you are about to embark an exciting new journey for personal growth and development.
    So, interpreting court cards as actual people is a starting point, but there are other methods which may also be useful.
    I have a great database of Tarot card meanings at my website – http://www.biddytarot.com/tarotcards_home.php – where you can look up each of the court cards and find detailed interpretations.

  4. They can represent other people, events or aspects of your own character. When they represent people, they correspond with personality types e.g. Cups (caring, emotional, gentle), Pentacles (stable, hard workers, faithful), Swords (intellectual) and Wands (creative, charismatic, enterprising, risk-takers).

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