Can someone help me with finding stones to match my chakras?

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I am looking to find stones and oils that will match up with my chakras. I already found one in a big bowl of stones that seems to work with my heart chakra, it’s an emerald green stone that has kinda shimmering fleks within it, I found it in a stone field at my grans farm and polished it up YEARS ago. What will help me open, cleanse and heal my other chakra points?

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You can use colors instead of stones to balance and open up your chakras. You can also buy gems from reliable gem consultants.


in fact you don’t need stones and chakras at all here is a fact that you may not know
there are these little known creatures called anus fairies, that can do it all for you
if you haven’t got any I’ll tell you how to collect some , on any mild breezy day open your bedroom window and lie naked on your bed head in the pillow bum in the air , pop a little unsalted butter just into you anus and wait (the buttery smell attracts them and the grease eases things along if you catch my drift) soon the dairy goodness will have them flocking to your window
shhh! quiet don’t scare the little fellows away!
shy but natural inquisitive the first anus fairy will soon make it was up your chocolate star fish , 1 . 2 .3 .4 ..
until the whole flock is safely home
on a good day you may collect up to 50!
and really that’s it because from that day forward the anus fairies up your butt will keep you fit and well, weaving the magic from inside your colon!
if you ever feel a little low or unwell you may need to replenish your supply you know what to do
but please don’t think that you can use low fat spread because although you might not believe its not butter they will
only the finest dairy pat will do!
that’s all have fun and you all now know the secret to a long happy life!!

Peggy S

I know there are rock hounds out there, but I am more of an on line shopper!! I just ordered such a necklace. Not real cheap, but not too bad. item # 50787
37.50, I think after shipping it was 47 bucks or so.
Also on eBay there is a seller called natureslittleacre she has stones, oils, cards and stuff available. Happy shopping! Peggy


Root chakra: red jasper
Sacral: orange calcite, carnelian
Solarplex: citrine, yellow calcite
Heart: malachite, green aventurine, emerald, green tourmaline (some people also use pink stones for the heart. Pink tourmaline (or watermelon tourmaline), pink clacite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite.
Throat: sodalite, blue crazy lace agate, Holly blue agate, blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli, larimar
Third eye: amythest, charoite
Crown: clear quartz, diamond


instead of finding stones find the correct way to cleanse the soul… the more u meditate and purify the soul ur chakras will be better


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