Can someone help me learn Wicca?

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I want to learn Wicca, although I have very little understanding of it other than the fundamentals. I have experimented with some of the Cherokee shamanism with some teaching from my friend’s grandfather and found it very rewarding, but I would like to learn more. Anyone want to be my teacher? I was told by my friend’s grandfather and a palmist that it runs in my blood and I have much potential.

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I’m sure that somebody can. I’m not sure that this is the proper forum to find that someone… but I digress.


Adrah Badakrah!


Well for one thing Wicca is totally separate from Cherokee shamanism (generally one doesn’t learn that stuff, who isn’t a member of the tribe).
Wicca can’t run through anyone’s blood because 1) religion isn’t DNA imprinted, and thats what Wicca is…a religion. (Witchcraft doesn’t run through anyone’s blood either FYI) and 2) Wicca is only roughly 60-70 years old, it’s not an ancient religion like many like to think.
If you want good reliable information try
It’ll tell you what Wicca REALLY is.
As for learning, try researching books at the library (I’d avoid Silver Ravenwolf though), many of the authors they provide there should be reliable
Don’t be afraid of forums either, you can learn a lot from those who actually practice


1) You shouldn’t ask for personal “teachers” on the internet. You have no idea what people’s credentials are, if they have a hidden agenda, or even know what they’re talking about.
2) You can walk into any major book store these days and find dozens of books on Wicca. I recommend buying a few different ones from different authors, then reading and cross-comparing them.
3) You can scroll up and search for “Wicca”


Another Cherokee interested in Wicca, huh? I would be happy to help you, but I’ve not much experience yet; I’ve only been on this path for about a year. Go to or, the people there will be happy to help you. You could even try the Facebook group, they’re a friendly bunch. 🙂
Best of luck to you, keep an open mind, but be rational!
Merry meet and merry part until we merry meet again! )O(
~ CrackXTheXSkye


I’m afraid it’s *NOT* a very good idea to just ask out generally, “Anybody wanna teach me Wicca” — There are an AWFUL lot of wannabees, charlatans, and “think-they-are’s” out there.
If you’re serious, and you want *authentic* Wicca and not just what somebody made up in their spare time, then what you need is a legitimate High Priest or High Priestess who offers classes, or runs a teaching coven.
You can find someone like that (it may take some time and effort, but if you are serious, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?) but you should be able to find something or someone —
Any of the following resources can help you find a teaching coven or High Priest/ess — there really are a lot of us around, you just have to be persistent and look.
1. CoG – Covenant of the Goddess –
– a national organization of (legally-recognized Wiccan “churches”) – Wiccan covens, clergy and solitaries — with local “councils” in many cities. CoG provides general, basic information, links to resources and other organizations, Groups, Covens, teachers, High Priests and High Priestesses, and much more. CoG also “certifies” clergy and Elders, and sponsors “Merry Meet” – a yearly 5-day festival.
2. Circle Sanctuary –
– a Pagan (not just Wiccan) Sanctuary, working farm, and Learning Center. It offers training, workshops, festivals, networking, and sponsors other organizations (notably, “Lady Liberty League” ( which offers support, resources, networking and advocacy for any Pagans experiencing religious persecution) – and much more.
4. Witchvox –
– a wonderful resource offering general, basic information, articles, referrals and links to local and regional resources on Pagan Classes, Groups, Organizations, Merchants, and more.
6. “Beginning Wicca” Yahoo Group –…
– One of the better Yahoo groups with several High Priests and Priestess members, so there are lots of good discussions and good information available in both the online discussions, and the Files section.
1. Books And Authors To Avoid –
Silver Ravenwolf
Douglas Monroe’s “21 Lessons of Merlin”
Kisma Stepanich
Edain McCoy
2 . Good Book Resources On Wicca: — The best and first book i’d recommend is Ellen Cannon Reed’s “The Heart of Wicca” —
3. Finally, i thought i’d offer the following link to an article i wrote on “Getting Started In Wicca”:…
I hope all of that is helpful — Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions — But you would be much smarter to ask them in one of these groups above, because here you’re mostly going to get a lot of sarcasm and a limited amount of help.
Blessed Be –

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

Anyone who tells you that Wicca runs in your blood is a liar. Wicca is a religion. It is something you either believe or don’t believe, practice or don’t practice, understand or not understand. It is not genetic.
Is also has nothing to do with Native American shamanism, and native Americans generally take offense at the suggestion.
No, I am not interested in teaching random strangers for free. Sorry, that’s just not how the world works. I am, however, happy to answer specific questions on Y!A, and point you in the direction of books through which you can learn on your own:


I’m not sure I understand… or maybe you don’t understand?
Wicca is a religion. What you are saying is like saying you have a talent for Christianity or Judaism… doesn’t make sense to me.
It’s not something you have a talent for… it is not something that runs in your blood… it is a faith system you embrace, a relationship with God and Goddess.
Perhaps you are talking about the practice of Witchcraft?
Now while traditionally Wiccans do practice Witchcraft as part of our religion, you don’t need to become a religious Wiccan to practice Witchcraft.
Reputable Wiccan teachers and covens will not accept students under 18 (though often prefer them older)… not sure how old you are, but just so you know.
Also, teachers and groups don’t usually look to accept students going into it blindly, just out of curiosity. A coven is a mutual relationship. You should really understand exactly what Wicca is about and, after you have decided this is the path you want to walk, you make that commitment.
You can find teachers, groups, info, classes, etc. at (again, they will expect you to be legal, at the very least, and most places require your parents to come and sign you in– I am Wiccan and when my 16 yr old wanted to go to local festivals alone I had to go there with a notarized letter of permission to put on file and fill out a form).


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