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Can someone have a past life?

Can someone have a past life. How can they be aware of it? (other than Past Life Regression) How can one become in contact with their past life? Can one contact it through dreams?
I don’t want anybody saying anything about the nasty guy that lives in a fiery abyss I’m just wanting to know your opinions.


  1. I think you can have a past life, as for coming in contact with it, I think dreams and someone who is in touch with that sort of thing can help.

  2. If you were meant to remember it you would. It is hard enough to keep track of one life without sorting in events from the previous life.
    Just be aware that our feelings and reactions might be affected by events of past lives and leave it at that. It helps explain why we might get along with someone right away or get a bad impression of someone else. They might not be the person from a a past life but might remind us of that person.

  3. I think you can have past life memories. I think you can have dreams about it. In Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams she talks about past life memories. I guess when you dream in color and all the events happen exactly the same way each time you have that dream, then that is either a past life memory or a premonition. I guess you could ask God to help you remember right before you go to bed at night. I would keep a notebook by your bed so if you remembered a name of a person, or a place you might have lived, you can look it up on the internet the next day.

  4. I believe in past lives and believe that we can grab glimpses of past lives in dreams, through meditation or regression.
    I do think, however, that what a lot of people deem as “past life experiences” actually come from various sources in our current life that our brain turns into our memories, which we attribute to past lives.
    For example, when I was younger I watched Schindler’s List. I am sure that I have had dreams about the Holocaust or being a victim of that particular genocide. I could easily attribute these dreams or impressions to a past life, but how can I be sure?
    What I think is most important is self-awareness. If you are in tune with your thoughts, feelings, actions and physical tendencies, you can probably have a pretty accurate view of your past (and if you believe in past lives, of them too).
    Regardless, I feel like a lot of people try to explore their past and past lives to make sense of their present. Concentrate on your present right now and you will learn more about yourself then you will if you spend a lot of time exploring your past.


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