can someone go through a deliverance with me right now.?

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i need a serious deliverance right now can someone please thats trained in deliverance get me delivered today. A person i know came inside me,a female spirit and shes alive and everything and i can sense her presence and people with her,please help me get delivered right now,im a christian and cant believe something like this would happen especially to any person trained in deliverance,i would appreciate it very much,ive been in a spiritual crisis for 2 years now so please.

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elaine 30705

All you have to do is ask Jesus for forgivness and it,s done,,good luck

cherry Loves the Lord God

uummm, ok. let me know how i can help.


There is no one in this world that can help you, but only His righteous servants which I told you about.
All evill will leave you alone at once, once you listen and obey His gospel of the water and the Spirit (John 3:5).
So again go to and read the first book…cast away all your preconceived ideas and beliefs like the old wine skin and become truly born anew, then only can the new wine of His Holy Spirit fill your thirsty soul.
If you ignore these Holy words that can bring you live, you will most certainly be destroyed. God is not mocked..


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