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Can someone give me some good bible verses on the importance of meditation?

I have a speech due tomarrow in my bible class on the importance of meditation as an important part in the christian life of teens. I just need some bible verses i can quote or maybe what meditation means to you.


  1. christian meditation calls us to look upward to God,so that are minds may be filled with Godly wisdom and insight,so that are hearts may be filled with comfort happiness and joy and to remember God and it helps in memorizing to..Psalm1;1,2/Joshua 1:8/Psalm4:4/Psalm63:5-6/Psalm104:34/1Timothy4:13-15/Psalm143;5

  2. The opening of Psalms 46.10 is nice: “Be still, and know that I am God.”
    Earlier centuries of Christianity felt encouraged to seek out symbolic interpretations of Bible verses. A great manual for Christian meditation — which its anonymous author calls “contemplative prayer” — is The Cloud of Unknowing, and its sequel, The Epistle of Privy Counseling. In the latter, the author interprets Proverbs 3:9, which in Latin translates as “Worship the LORD with your substance,” to mean, “let go of all your ideas and opinions and worship God with your very being.”


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