Home Discussion Forum Can someone give me a Tarot reading on yahoo ?

Can someone give me a Tarot reading on yahoo ?

Please only answer this if you are Psychic. I would like a tarot reading on yahoo i can tell u a little about myself if it helps. Im 16 i have brown hair recently dyed black i have brown eyes i am about 5″6 and im a size 14. Please tell me thanks xxx


  1. I can see… I can see… gullibility, you are easy to fool, and very quick to accept things that are not true. Your peers think you’re stupid, and no one really likes you, your mother wishes she had an abortion. Also, you smell.

  2. Ya will be a having this problem with
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  3. I can give you a reading, just go to my profile and email the request to me. Do not tell me anything further about yourself, nor ask specific questions. I do not want to be influenced by the information, then anything I tell you will be truly yours, to deal with as you wish.


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