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Can someone explain what makes Edward an incubus, and what made Jacob a shapeshifter in Breaking Dawn?

I plan on buying the books, but can’t stand not knowing answers (don’t worry, you won’ spoil it for me)
How did he become an incubus, was it through becoming a vampire or did he become after the fact?


  1. jacob isa shapeshifter because its in his blood he inherited the trait
    Edward is an incubus cuz he has a child with a human

  2. An Incubus is a type of demon that seduces mortal women and has sex with them. Edward does both with Bella, conceiving their child.
    Jake and the others aren’t actually werewolves. Werewolves change form during the full moon and infect others, making them werewolves as well. Jacob, on the other hand, can phase at will and the ability to shift is hereditary.

  3. Jacob’s forefathers CHOSE the wolf as the animal they wished to shift into, whereas werewolves require the full moon, and never had a choice of animal…plus, Jacob’s pack came to existance to protect human life.
    I only just finished reading it, but I thought that Edward was only compared with an incubus, not actually one…hmm…I’ll keep an eye out for that when I reread it…oh well! I’m glad you posted this question so that I realized that!
    ADD: the others are right that the major difference is also that shapeshifters have the ability as a result of genetics.

  4. Apparently Jacob isn’t a werewolf anymore. He’s a “shape shifter”. Apparently they weren’t really werewolves, even though the first three books led us to believe they were. *Rolls eyes*
    As for the incubus thing. It makes no sense to me.
    An incubus is a male demon who seduces human women and produces sperm by sucking the life out of the woman. To impregnate the woman, they have to work with their female counterpart, called a succubus.
    Soooo I don’t really understand how Edward is an incubus. It makes no sense.
    Then again, nothing in the book made sense. I was basically having a “WTF?!” moment the entire time I was reading it.

  5. It was never stated as a fact that Edward is an incubus–he was compared to one.
    As for Jacob being a shapeshifter. From a mythological standpoint, werewolves are actually considered shapeshifters since they can change their shape. In Jacob’s case though, it was inherited and he can do it at will.

  6. Edward isn’t an incubus. I think that Stephenie mixed that up.(I am NOT insulting Stephenie at all). I googled it and an incubus is a demon that become a vampire and he is having sex with women and making kids. Edward isn’t an incubus because he was a human changed into a vampire, not a demon. It is strange how Bella get pregnant.(at least for me)
    Jacob is a shape-shifter because he was(his kind was) a spirit in the past and than (I’m sure you know the story) the spirits changed their shape into wolfs. And so they become werewolfs but not the original one. The original one can change only on a full moon and these can change whenever they want to 🙂 So I hope I helped a little 🙂


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