Can someone explain to me how a persons *consciousness* continues after they croak..when the conscience is ?

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merely neurological activity..and brains die when bodies die?
blue…I totally agree. this one atheist so eloquently(yet kinda sadly) expressed how he thought we live forever..but just not in the way believers say we do
philo, you’re deep
mythos…i dont care what a book with talking snakes says
mythos…your book isnt the only religious text…try again

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Blue Footsâ„¢

Um… I seriously doubt anything is conscious after we die. I would agree that our energy in whatever form goes into the universe and tranforms into something else.

Andymcj78 (Atheist)

Obviously those who believe it regard consciousness as being independent of neurological activity. In medical tests a lot of electro-magnetic activity is shown to occur in the human body and not all of it has a known cause.


People think it’s supernatural and anything supernatural can be explained by saying it’s supernatural.


If consciousness is merely brain activity, and the brain dies, then consciousness CANNOT continue. So most people who think consciousness continues after the brain dies do not think consciousness is merely brain activity. They usually subscribe to some form of substance dualism. If our consciousness resides in some immaterial aspect to our nature (i.e. a soul of some sort), then a person could continue in a conscious state after the death of their brain.


Why do you think it does?
The bible clearly states that in the day a man dies, all his thoughts, desires, etc. come to nothing.

Rich W

Man consists of body, soul, and spirit. The body dies and the spirit lives on.
If man ceased to exist when he died, there would be no need for us to keep laws or be nice to others. We could rob, steal, and kill and nobody would hold us accountable.
God holds all of us accountable!
We, being spiritual beings, have more than just a body, which is the reason many are empty inside. They lack the joy of the spirit.


We are eternal beings created a little lower than the angles as we are temporarily locked in a human, physical form. We know that there is more that we could know or experience because of such examples as Moses seeing the purity of God on Mt. Sinai and his hair turning white and glowing from the experience. He was told by God that he could not see God and live. Which tells us that Moses is capable of being able to see it, but his physical body (the mind) can not comprehend it.
We also know that God has created us eternal at conception because of what David said, so we were not before. We know also that angels were created and that they are eternal with the same free will we have as some have fallen, but they can see God. We can not because we are, now, physical and not limited by that physical limitations.


We are chemical-electrical beings, and physics tells us that electrical energy does not die or get used up, it just changes form. Take a light bulb for example. You turn the switch on and say “the bulb is alive”, but it’s not the bulb that we’re seeing, but the energy inside. Same when we turn it off, “we say the bulb is dead”, but the energy did not die, it merely entered through one wire, lit up the bulb, and exited out the other wire. Similarly, our bodies are merely vehicles that carry our light through this life. When we’re done here, I feel that energy returns to a great collective to share what it’s learned in this lifetime… some of reincarnate into new bodies… some of us don’t 🙂


Like what Mythos said, the bible clealy states that when someone dies, they do not have a spirit or soul that lives on. If you look at the bible the word ‘soul’ is a word used to describe a person’s body.(e.g. oh look at the poor soul or body…)Spirit is a persons god-given life force. Think of a radio as you soul. Without electricity(spirit) you cannot power the radio(soul). Without electricity the radio ‘dies’ and without electricity the radio does not work.
Hope that helps a little.


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