Home Discussion Forum Can someone explain this experience with auras?

Can someone explain this experience with auras?

A friend of mine described an experience where a young man had a steady glowing light around him, but next to him was a light of many twinkling pastel colors (light blue, pink, gray, …from what I remember). Any interpretations?
For those who seem concerned about asking the same question 3 times, I’m not competitive, rarely post, and care enough about my friends to exhaust as many options as possible. My friend is conservative Christian and this experience is causing her to lose sleep. I embrace diversity and very much appreciate those that have constructively contributed so far. Thank You : )


  1. Hard to say, maybe someone else’s aura with his? I was once told that I had a beautiful aura. It is supposed to be a reflection of who you are I believe. Wish that I could see them!

  2. The aura is not a single color, usually. It often has a main or dominant color and then several other colors mixed in. The steady light (I’m assuming it was white or yellow) was probably the bulk of his aura, while the small colors on the outside were the other energies in his aura. It’s like how people’s personalities are not just one thing or another, they vary and combine. So, too, do auras have mixed portions of colors representing different aspects of the person.
    I’ve never examined my aura in great detail but it seems to be comprised mainly of a purple-colored energy.


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