Home Discussion Forum Can someone explain the religion wicca to me?

Can someone explain the religion wicca to me?

Hello! My older sister decided this week that she was going to be part of a religion called wicca. Can someone explain to me what it is and what the celebrate?


  1. i dont know much, but i think it has to do with paganism. theres also spells and magik involved. google it

  2. Hey. I’m a Wiccan Priestess. Wicca is a nature-based religion. We believe in many Gods and Goddesses. We do practice the Craft. Meaning having rituals,doing spellwork,. We believe we were put here to help anyone that needs it. We send out healing energy for Mother Earth and for people. Our number one rule is to harm none. Anything negative you put out there will come back to you three fold.

  3. in one answer can you sum up the whole christian faith? all the different branches and believes and holidays? not likely.
    wicca is a religion path that some people choose to walk. harm none and do what tho will is their only “rule”. when it comes down to it you dont need many rules after that. anyway most major christian holdiays come from pagan holidays, and wiccans follow the pagan holidays as far as my friend who is a wiccan told me (i’m just a pagan). anyway, it’s nature based and like any other religion out there, they have their good and bad groups and points. but that’s it in a very small nut shell, i suggest just go read a book. or ask your older sister,I’m sure she’d tell you about it.


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