Can someone explain astral projection/Travel to me? and how to do it?





Is it possible to raise your vibrations and go to a higher dimension of reality?
Plz, no skeptic answers, I already know what you’re going to say, so plz just skip this question.
tril, it can be done today.. we just have to get back on the path of enlightenment, and not caring so much about trivial and material things.
nefertiti, how do you actually raise your vibrations? also is it actually possible to consciously astral travel?


  1. I do not think it has anything to do with being more spiritually concerned or whatever much.
    Some people seem to be able to do it at will……lucky them.
    Apparently we all do when we are asleep but we just are not conscious of it.

  2. Are you familiar with the Abraham materiral by Jerry & Esther Hicks. I know they talk alot about raising your vibration. One book ” The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” has a list of feelings & it tells that the higher we go on this list the more in alignment we are with with our true selves. I would think that would be important. I think it brings you to your highest spiritual level while still in the body. I haven’t taken enough time to get into astral travel even though it does I do find it interesting. I think once a person “dies” they really are astral traveling. I have a son that passed away & I think if I want him I just call out his name & he is with me. I also think he is going every where without having all the cumbersome things we have to put up while in the physcial body. Wow, I am getting interested in this. If you want e-mail me & remind me of your question & I will let you know what I find out cause I am going to research this subject when I get a chance…I had a near death experience when I was about 10 & I just floated out of my body & saw my body on the operating table & the people gathering around it. It’s too much to tell about her but I think tha was kind of like astral traveling.

  3. You must be in touch with the Earth and nature. Then clear your mind. Think only of where you want to be. Then take into deep meditation. When you feel your spirit becoming light, you are on your way. You may have to practice meditation before you can actually project. I have done this sense I was a small child, and have helped my daughters through it. It seems to be easier for females.

  4. Many people believe that we are comprised of many bodies somewhat like an onion is comprised of many layers. The most obvious one to us is the physical body yet there are other, more subtle, shells that exist to make us complete human beings. One of these is the astral body, which is basically a duplicate of our physical forms yet resides in the astral plane and vibrates at a much higher frequency. When we fall asleep, our consciousness leaves our physical bodies and we reside on the astral plane. Usually we are not conscious of this and experience images we create as dreams. Therefore, an easy way to astral project is to become aware of the fact that you are falling asleep. This can be achieved by a light focus on your breath and the thoughts that are running through your head. Allow yourself to only have a passive awareness of these, though, and you will find yourself still conscious while your physical body is falling asleep. A method that has worked even better for me, though, is to be aware of your breath while imagining that you are flying. This has produced for me a nearly waking state on the astral realm…
    A good way to raise your vibration is to listen to any slow, repetitive beat. You can listen to music, your breath, your heartbeat or even chant a mantra. Shamans have entered the astral realm through listening to the beat of a drum for aeons. Through deep meditation it is possible to achieve completely conscious astral travel.

  5. yes!
    but can it be done in society today?
    you should really look into indias yogis..
    back thousands of years ago..
    yup! i agree..but its sooooo much more difficult to
    let go of the material things..the mind is so
    clouded ..

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