Home Discussion Forum Can Someone experience Astral Projection without having a history of sleep paralysis?

Can Someone experience Astral Projection without having a history of sleep paralysis?

I have always believed in the mind’s power,both potentially and logically. I have managed (as far as trying to experience Astral Projection) a light tingling sensation over my body,but the sleep paralysis(which is the necessary trigger for leaving the body) never sets in. I have no history of sleep paralysis,nor have I ever experienced it. Am I wasting my time,or am I on the right track? I am serious about this so please come forward only if you intend to help.

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  1. Happens all the time to me – it is a great experience.
    However, it does not happen all the time. It is unexpected when it does happen.

  2. I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis, but I have gotten to the vibrational stage, and got too excited and snapped out of it. I think if you can reach the vibrational stage, and feel comfortable with that and have an easy time reaching that stage after a while, then you will have no trouble projecting eventually.

  3. Sorry you can’t really force it, ALTHOUGH it CAN be simulated in a laboratory, so ask around, maybe you can get involved in a related sleep study.
    or you can just drop a tab of LSD like everybody else

  4. Keep trying! Boy, you must be a patient person. I’ve tried Astral many times as I fall asleep, but I’m so impatient that I just make myself go to sleep. I experience it when I don’t try, but thenSleep paralysis happens and it is FREAKY! When your conscious mind realizes what’s happening that’s when the paralysis happens and you feel like you’re having a panic attack. I’ve experienced leaving my body many times and the paralysis isn’t required, but learning to over to control your conscious mind when proactively trying-it sounds like youve mastered that! I have yet to!

  5. Yes you can, you do not need to have a history of sleep paralysis. Just to be clear btw. There are two different types of vibrational stages. But the first isn’t actually necessary to achieve the second. The vibrational stage that you feel as you are deeply relaxed (the tingling sensation all over your body) isn’t required at all. The actual vibrations that you want are the powerful intense ones that can only be felt when your body is asleep, & your mind is awake. You can easily tell the difference between the two vibrations. If you experience the intense powerful vibrations you will know it.
    You can try what I do. Set the alarm to go off in a few hours, then go to sleep. When you wake up you will still be pretty tired so this is perfect. Turn the alarm off, lay back down & go into a deep meditation. Then focus on your breathing & try to lose all awareness around you. Just go deeper & deeper & visualize lifting up out of your body. But don’t concentrate so hard, just let it happen naturally. But you do have to be pretty close to sleep, like right on the borderline between awake & asleep.
    Also you can try binaural beats, self hypnosis, crystals, or a lucid dream mask. GL!

  6. i had a lucid dream, sleep paralysis, and astral projection in one dream… I felt that I was flying out of my body… but I had my eyes closed


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