Home Discussion Forum Can someone enlighten me on Astral Travel?

Can someone enlighten me on Astral Travel?

I find Astral Projection fascinating, I almost reched it once. Well I thought I did, I felt the vibration and heard the high pitched sound, but it scared the living shit out of me… or back into me? If anyone can enlighten and give a few ways to rech the Astral Plane I would be more than gracious.


  1. Astral traveling is awesome!!! It is nothing to be scared of. Sounds like you are a pro. It could help you relax more doing some breathing while getting ready for take of to relax you enough, you wont freak out. All it is is your spiritual body visiting the other side. Your home to begin with. So don’t be afraid. I am including a link for my site where you can download the breathing exercise for free. Love To You and Namaste
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