Home Discussion Forum Can someone do a Tarot reading for me?

Can someone do a Tarot reading for me?

I need help. Should I stick with my current job right or move on to another career I am interested in. I am looking for someone who can give me a serious answer. Things aren’t going well right now at my current job and my life can go either way, I had a pretty big setback here and feel stuck. Thank you for your help.


  1. Keep your job until you can find another one, but go looking for another job through resumes and online. Do not let your boss know of your plans.
    This wasn’t Tarot; it was common sense, and thirty seven years as a job counselor

  2. I think that with the way the economy is going you should seriously study the pros and cons of staying where you are versus where you want to be. If both careers are going to be affected by the staggering economy then the next question should be “where will you be happier?”. You have already stated that things are not going well where you are so perhaps for that reason alone you should look elsewhere. I do actually do tarot readings and none of this has come from breaking out the deck, but from my opinion. If you truly feel that you still need some divine advice, try asking for it to come to you in a dream. You would be amazed how much help you can receive that way. Blessed Be and good luck in whatever you find yourself in.
    (ps: I get the feeling that the career you are thinking about is rather hard to break into so keep that in mind.)

  3. No such thing. I had a reading once, and she said i’m surrounded by cars, and they were a big part of my life, and i didn’t even haqve my licence at the time.

  4. don’t quit until you are sure that the other career has openings look in the help wanted ads to see if they are hiring
    also if you need time to look take a week off while you interview’
    see what the competition is.
    If you need to take classes, take them at night


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