can someone be clairvoyant and also an empath at the same time?





I am writing a story and need to know this. Can someone be clairvoyant (as in telling the future by touching someone, ect) and also an empath at the same time? Being an empath deals with Clairsistance and telling the future is Clairvoyant. But can someone be both? I need to know because I am writing a character outline for one of the people in my story. Thank you!


  1. Clairvoyance very literally means “clear sight”. They won’t necessarily be able to tell the future, they’ll have visions, where they’re shown things, and they’ll see things like spirits. Visions tend to fade in and fade, not like a dream.
    But yes, some can touch someone and tell the future I’d imagine. Just wanted you to know that that in particular (the ability to tell the future) is not what clairvoyance truly is, though it can be a part of it. The ability to tell the future is procognition and can also be completely seperate from any of these.
    Clairsentience (the reason the other guy couldn’t find anything on “clairsistence” is because you spelled this wrong)–it means “clear feeling”. It’s the ability to feel–emotions, energy.
    But yes, you can be both. It’s actually rare that someone has only a single gift and not others. There are usually some that go along with the main ability.

  2. The “Empath” ability didn’t show up until one was featured on Star Trek Next Generation; Counselor Troi.
    If you’re writing a story, and it’s not based on a person, or a historical event, then you’re writing a sci-fi based story and you can make it anyway you want.
    Blond characters are able to hear wind blowing between their ears….
    Red heads can ignite flames from their fingertips……
    Brunettes can bring a sense of control………

  3. If it is for a story you can do anything you want. A lot of people on here have claimed that the term “empath” comes from a character on Star Trek, and while many people have disagreed with this, when I looked it up I couldn’t find any earlier references. But the magic of fiction is you can do whatever you want. People read these kind of books as an escape from everyday life, so go for it.
    Edit: when I googled “Clairsistance” it only came up with one result: this question. Just thought you might be interested.

  4. why be factual here on non-scientfific phenomena?
    just enjoy what you write…
    incidentally i have clairvoyance and amnesia….i forget what comes next….

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