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Can somebody tell me where i can find a free on line tai-chi or kung-fu training?

I just want to train those martial arts very well!!!!


  1. Well, one thing is for sure… there’s no one to guide you on your training. I don’t know if there are videos, but without a real trainer by your side, well, good luck (no one will support you on your stances….).

  2. there is no substitute for 1to1 training with a good Sifu or in a class environment, anything else is totally superficial and false . the only one your fooling is yourself. you tube will not help as you need a good foundation in m/a first to interpret visual information correctly . how do you know that the m/a your watching is demonstrated correctly, like a computer ,garbage in garbage out. no knowledge produces incorrect judgements and assumptions

  3. Your best bet is to go to good sifu/instructor of Tai Chi or Kung Fu. Nothing beat one on one instruction where you learn proper stance and proper breathing,

  4. With all the sincerity of my response, training via online, videos, or books without proper instruction and guidance from a qualified martial arts instructor are rarely a path one chose if they want to succeed and progressed as a serious and decicated martial artist.
    Self-training using video, internet and books cannot turn you into a good or an effective martial arts practitioner. Many can argue that Bruce Lee did it, but how many had forgotten that Bruce Lee had a solid martial arts background before he ventured on to create Jeet Kune Do.
    Another detrimental result by training online , videos, or books is that this method teaching medium cannot correct or give you advices either you’re doing things right or even wrong. Training martial arts without proper instructions and supervision can also cause minor or even serious injury.
    Learning martial online, videos, or books can be best described having a online, videos, or books romance. You don’t quite get the real thing !
    You might think that you may have discovered the ultimate and cheaper way of training in the martial arts, but when reality strikes, the facade and sloppiness of your “self-training” will show. The worst that can happen also is having a false sense of security.
    A majority of self-taught, pseudo blackbelts, MMA poseurs and other fraudulent wanna-be martial arts “practitioners” are one of the main reasons why the general public looks down on the martial arts and its practitioners. Many of the long time legitimate practitioners of the martial arts regardless of styles finds this awfully frustrating and horrendous , when we spent half of our life trying to live up to the highest standard and virtues of our beloved art.
    For long time practitioners of the martial arts , video training or other forms of training such as DVD’s and the internet are just another “tool” in our “toolbox”


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