Can somebody please describe to me what being a Wiccan is?

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Please describe the beliefs, why you would want to be a Wiccan, what you do as a Wiccan, or whatever else you can offer me.

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de facto Atheist

Perverted middle aged women with nothing to do but run around in weird outfits.

Soldier Of Christ

A person dead in their sins.

Cheryl E

You can do a google search, and also check out, which is a catch-all site for many pagan religions.


It is a revival of the nature based religion which existed pre-christianity. It survived through the ages underground and was formerly raised up as a religion once again through a man called Gerald Gardner in the middle of last century, (although he filled in alot of the knowledge gaps using ceremonial magic techniques).
I find it a little unnesesarily formal, although my parents are both wiccan.
I love nature, paganism (which is a fairly general term) allows me to believe whatever I intuitively know to be right without being told I’m wrong. While I don’t believe in magic in a ‘world of warcraft’ sense, I believe that the human mind is capable of anything and the rituals that are used to focus this energy really appeal to my sense of theatrics.
I believe there is more to this world than what can be seen with your eyes and heard with your ears, yet the ‘God’ of traditional religion just does not make any logical sense.
Basically paganism ticks all the boxes, cos I’m the one that determines what the boxes are…

Karl T

This is a website that best answers your question. It has in fact virtually all the necessary resources.


Wicca is the “religious” term for witches and wizards. What they do is worship nature, have rituals which correspond to the equinoxes, the solstices, and the half-way points between them. It is way too big a topic to give any reasonable answer here. Check out the links below.

Phoenix - finals suck

A Wiccan is a follower of the religion of Wicca.
I am Wiccan because of personal experiences with my gods and discovering that Wicca described my beliefs and experiences.
I am not sure what you are asking “what do I do” – I live, I commune with my gods, I celebrate my calendar, I vote, I cook, I go to school, I raise my child…..
Wicca, like *every* religion, should inform a follower’s actions every minute of every day. I do my best to live by the Five Points of Wicca Belief (from my tradition):
1.The Wiccan Rede
2. The Law of Return
3. The Ethic of Self-Responsibility
4. The Ethic of Constant Improvement
5. The Ethic of Attunement


Dear Loved One,
Be warned, you are treading dangerously into Satan’s neighborhood
If you choose to hang out in a neighborhood that is known for murder and mayhem. be assured you will find what you are looking for.
I pray that you will listen to God.
God really does loves you and is waiting patiently to prove it to you in the documented archives of the Holy Bible.
God Blesses Us Always, Believe it and Receive it!
In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen!

The Son of the Morning Star

Well lets give this a try…
Wicca is a modern look on the old Nature related ways of spirituality and practices that came about in the 60’s under the authorship of Gerald Gardner. It is a polytheistic religion meaning both the Goddess and God’s of nature is embraced and served in a manner of speaking.
Wicca is the mixing of much older Pagan ways and traditions from which certain aspects is taken and remade into one more simplistic yet very modern way of life. Wicca is a practice that attunes one to the cycles of nature, celestial beings and natural spiritual entities.
It bases it’s practices around the Sabbaths and estbbats to gain a higher atonement with the concept of the one in becoming in harmony with the aspects of nature. it is also a peace loving way of life in which no harm is intended to oneself nor anything or anyone else.
This is but a very short over view of a very modern practice that has been growing since the 60’s. Today it has grown to quite a modern movement being practiced all over the world with additions according to region in which it is being practiced with regards to hemisphere and so forth…
I hope this inspires you to do some further research into this way of life as to make a proper well educated decision if whether this is for you or not.
Your in Light and darkness!
Rev Cretus Sanctus Spiritus

Well said!


To get an idea of beliefs in general, you’re better off reading up on some of the websites others have suggested. You just can’t accurately sum up a religion in one paragraph.
As for the more personal questions: you should only want to be Wiccan if you agree with the beliefs. The ethics should make sense, you should want to honor the gods, and the worldview should reflect how you see reality. We don’t proslytise. We don’t try to sell Wicca. Your reason for joining should be your own, not because of some sell speech someone gave.
As a Wiccan, I strive to gain a better understanding of my gods and grow in closer communication with them, which I primarily do through solitary meditation and ritual.


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