Can somebody open your third eye chakra for you?

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Well, there’s this friend of my mother who said that he is a son of a saint I think that was Lady Of Guadalupe or so he says.
Uhmm.. I might sound stupid or eerie but he said he can pen my third eye provided that I’m an an honest and good person. And that I would go through trials in life if i had it open.
So, can you answer my question please? Thanks.

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Paddy O'Furniture

No, but this morning I DID open up my brown eye.


I suppose it’s possible, but it would be something you would have to be on board for, and not something you can sit back and let some one else do all the work for you.


First , this is all nonsense. Pl do not believe in it. Why not to believe ? A logical question, by this time many must have third eyes ? They could have done lot good / miracle and what not ? super man / woman ?
What is the fact : There are some schools of thoughts, they believe and practice of opening third eye.
Then what is meant by opening of third eye ?
To develop understanding, self esteem , respect, a wisdom to analysis – what is good and what is bad- so that one cannot get easily influenced by the some thoughts, readings, and so on.


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I read something to this effect in Phyllis Curott's The Book of Shadows, which I just finished, loved and highly recommend.

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