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Can somebody give the names of some good Black Magic Books…stuff like rituals and Grimores.?

I’ve read the Satanic Bible and I’d really like to delve deeper into Lesser Magic so I would like more books about Rituals and Black Magic and the Occult in General.


  1. I’m not sure about books on black magic…really I don’t believe in it. Magic is magic until you place intent, therefore any spell out there could be deemed black.
    As for grimoires, a Grimoire is like a Book of Shadows. It’s individual to the witch or practitioner. There is no one book containing everything under the sun and moon regarding magic.

  2. as another poster stated magick is magick …no color…it is the intent that makes it what it is.
    you might want to read some books on chaos magick or ceremonial magick

  3. Check out “The Key of Solomon”, and if you just wanna read into the occult use wikipedia. In a fictional sense (though it will have you believing otherwise) read some Lovecraft.


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