Can somebody give me information on scrying?

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Okay. It’s FINALLY dark and the moon is up. I want to try to practice scrying. Can anybody give me any tips or additional that might help? Do you HAVE to perform any rituals before you do it?
Also don’t be mean. I’m new and am still learning.

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A telescope or binoculars might come in handy.


You just have to fill them up with water!


What are you using?
Mirror, water, etc?
Feel free to e-mail me…

Jack P

What technique are you using? I normally don’t perform any specific rituals, though I do a short meditation to clear my mind. I have used water in a silver bowl before, though this doesn’t work well for me. I have a black mirror (merely a large piece of glass with black paper or velvet behind it) and I light a candle to set before it. Now depending on what exactly you are scrying for, you should at least keep your mind to the task at hand and not allow your thoughts to wander. If you start thinking of other things, the scry will not work to it’s full advantage. Normally I use it to achieve a trance-like state which brings visions… not necessarily in the mirror itself, though that has happened. You can do this by staring into a flame as well…


Scrying can be done with some practice. You can use a focus point such as a glass of water, crystal ball, black mirror, or even just a candle. You need to ‘ground and center’, then empty all thoughts and emotion from your mind. This is where it will take practice. Your brain will want to think, but you need to continually keep your mind blank.
Eventually you will begin to ‘see’ visions. In some cases, fears might manifest into some frightening things, but if focus on a need or specific question, you can find answers.
Good luck


From what I understand Scying consists of a black bottomed bowl filled with water. This allows one to see the image that will emerge. Rituals are not necessary, but they can help build the link/power. The tools for scrying, like anything else are just tools to help you focus. Hope this helps.


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