can somebody give me a list of countries that are currently run by leaders with a Pagan religion?





doing a little project as well as exploring my own religious experience and I need to know some countries run by Pagan leaders(any form of paganism, hindu, shinto, Neo-Pagan,voodoo, ETC) and/or any living Pagan world leaders. this will be much appreciated.


  1. @Robert Schmidt: You have shown your ignorance of the world and of different religions. I should point that the PM of India is not a Hindu, but a Sikh.

  2. If you mean pagan as in polytheistic, then India would be a good contender for a “pagan” country, thus rendering the Indian PM (a Hindu) a “Pagan”.
    Papa Doc and Baby Doc were famously voodoo leaders of Haiti.

  3. Even in countries that were previously run by pagan leaders, I don’t think religion is relevant any more. Japan, for instance has their parliament and Nordic countries are largely atheist.
    I think most nations have secular governments outside the Middle East and Africa.

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