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Can somebody explain the difference between magic and magick?

I’m currently writing a story, and need to do a little research, but it seems the more I read the more confused or ignorant I become. Anyone willing to untangle the facts for me?
I’ve read books before where both spellings were used when describing or referring to different things


  1. Wow the above answers are all wrong, magick with a k was created by aleister crowley to distinguish from magic, which is illusions and tricks preformed by magicians. Magick is basically the manipulation of the divine energy around us to make a change.

  2. You can email me and I could tell you alot more.
    But the short story is magick separates true believers in the craft from three card monte side show acts. I mean sure, even they are special, but it just separates the two you know?
    You’re starting to get into a very cool thing called paganism. The trick of our religion is you don’t have to be any one denomination. The word magick is accepted in Wicca, Satanism, probably even maybe Kabaala, but it’s also accepted in the vast majority of less..zealous forms of the religion? I’m not a Wiccan or a Satanist or anything like that, I’m just kinda spiritual.
    I guess what it comes down to is Magick you can respect, and magic you see David Blaine giving all of his secrets away? I don’t know lol. I’d take my money on the real elemental manipulation of forces and energies and even entities that people today simply seem to be detached from.
    In conclusion I guess it’s just a state of mind, albeit a beautiful state of mind. serj_for_president@yahoo.com if you’ve got any other questions.

  3. Are asking in the sense of how those terms are used in the pagan/wiccan/ect. fields? If so, magic is the stuff made famous by people like Houdini, Lance Burton, and Penn & Teller. Magick is the stuff in the legends of Merlin, socery, and alchemy. It exists on many different levels, most of them not showy and visible like the old world legends.

  4. Really, all of the answers posted are true. The difference really is just the letter “k”, it really does connect to the Old English spelling. It really was re-introduced by Aleister Crowley as a way to distinguish between common usage of the word magic by illusionists and stage magicians. The spelling of magic with a “k” is a little pretentious and silly, since it was a perfectly acceptable spelling for most of a thousand years. The use of the term magic in popular parlance to mean prestidigitation (despite the remarkable efforts of Criss Angel) has been on the wane since the advent of the motion picture industry and special effects. If you want to spell the word “magick” that is fine and if you want to use the old spelling of “magic” people will probably figure out by the description in the rest of your prose, which of the two kinds of magic(+/-k) that you mean.

  5. There is no difference whatsoever other than the fact that ~ magick (sometimes spelt–magyk) ~ is the old spelling for magic. It’s like saying what’s the difference between the Old English spelling of “colour” and the American/New English spelling of “color”? There is NO difference no matter what the people tell you. Spelling changes with the times and seasons. Just like the computer changes with each new fashion so does the spelling of magic.
    Good luck with your story!

  6. Spelling. Nothing more. It’s a fad that came out in the occult scene not long after Aleister Crowley started using it, to differentiate stage magic from the magic used by occult users.
    Regardless of how you spell it, it means the same thing

  7. Magic is a real word that can be found in a discretionary and Magick is NOT a real word and cannot be found in a discretionary.


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