can some people really reach a higher state of consciousness where they don't have their senses?

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I know I’m not making sense, but that’s why I’m asking. I have a lot of physical pain right now, and I want to not be conscious of it, but I still want to be conscious.

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Some people have actually trained their mind to block out pain by focusing on other things. I have never personally experienced this but I think its highly possible.

Happy Hiram

I get tired of people describing other states of consciousness as “higher.” When you take LSD you are “higher.” When you leave your body you are just different.


Distractions often work. Consider what you would be doing right now if you were not experiencing the pain.


I am not pro or don’t get in a wad on me:)….I have heard that smoking marijuana can help people deal with Son had cancer and He was given marijuana to help with the chemo seemed to ease His pain also…


“Science and Health,” Mary Baker Eddy, and
“Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer,” Yvonne von Fettweis, speak to this.
The mercy of modern pain-reducing medication is one route, albeit undesirable side-effects may occur.
“Autobiography of a Yogi,” Yogananda, also gives cogent examples of such consciousness.
Reviews at
1-800-525-Love is a 24/7 licensed counseling service which could be helpful. is their website.
Hoping you are healed relatively quickly.

The Indestructible Properties

Fist the look at the properties. Conscious of what?
Source of all higher senses:


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